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Title (English)    Az nidberu yirei Hashem
Title (Hebrew)    אז נדברו יראי ה'
Author    [Periodical] Vaad Lehoromas Keren HaTorah
City    Brooklyn, New York
Publisher    Vaad Lehoromas Keren HaTorah
Publication Date    [1950's]
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Independent Item    This listing is an independent item not part of any collection
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   Only edition. 3 pp., 282:218 mm., light age staining.
   Three pages, typewritten with a Hebrew typewriter and mimeographed. As R. Katz, one of the founders of the Telz Yeshiva in Cleveland, who is mentioned below, died in 1964 – we can approximate the date of publication from that of his death. There are five major divisions.

The first is entitled : Hatzalat Neshomot Yisrael - Saving Jewish souls. This section discusses an organization called Ahi'ezer, under the leadership of R. Avraham Winkelstein. This organization tries to save Jewish souls by providing Jewish education to prevent conversion by missionaries. The reader is encouraged to contribute monetarily to support this worthy cause.

The second: Shivti be-bet Hashem - (I will dwell in the house of the L-rd) this section deals with the idea of a Yeshiva, which traditionally has been a place where young people were educated to a life of Torah . Today we are seeing a Yeshiva as a preparatory school for college. Both parents and students see the honor that is given those who receive scholarships to college. It is incumbent on principals and teachers to inculcate even the youngest students with a strong basis of Torah and of faith and give them the love of Torah so that they will want to continue studying at higher and higher levels. The students should know that if they do not achieve the same materialistic success, they will have the spiritual happiness because of trust in Hashem. The work is great and the time is short - but everything possible should be done to strengthen the Yeshivot in quantity and in quality, and the crowning glory will return to Yeshivot as in days of old.

Third: Lehasir Mimikhshol (to remove obstacles) - 1) Some important teachers have requested that a place be given to them to sell some food and drinks (instead of the Kennedy Center) The students are unable to discern between Kosher and non-Kosher .It is fitting that the principal speak to them about this topic and give the students lists of permitted (or non-permitted) items, 2) Remedy the ethics of the students – they should not just know the Torah they should know the proper way to act. For example, on a bus they should rise and give a seat to an elderly person, they should not speak in the middle of prayer, they should not embarrass their friends, etc. 3)The holy Sabbath has become a day not of holiness and rest, but a day to be seen as the young people gather on the streets of New York. This has degraded the Sabbath because it leads to licentiousness and even jealousy, chasing luxury - the opposite of the great gift of the Holy Sabbath. This should be spoken about in all of the Yeshivot. It would also be appropriate to review the Halakhot of the Sabbath and the legends of our Rabbis that relate to the Sabbath so that the students will see the greatness of keeping the Sabbath as it was meant to be kept, both in deed and in intention.

Fourth: BaOlam HaYeshivot (in the world of the yeshivot)-1)The sudden death of R. Hayim Mordechai Katz was a great loss to Yeshiva Telz and to the Torah world. The students should be incited to strive for greatness, and they should pray for those great Rabbis of our generation in the whole world to have long lives, good health and that we should all merit the coming of the Messiah. 2) There is a need to raise funds for those students who cannot afford to pay for a Yeshiva education. Those who are interested are instructed where to call.

Fifth: Hodaah uVakashah (thanks and a request) We want to thank those teachers and others who helped support the Committee up until now. And a special thanks to those great Rabbis who gave their time to strengthen this Committee..to strengthen Torah. It is our hope that also in the future we will merit to benefit from their help .

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