Korban Mincha, Zhitomir 1864 (44065)

קרבן מנחה, כמנהג ספרד - Liturgy - Women - Unrecorded

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Lot Number: 44065
Title (English): Korban Mincha
Title (Hebrew): קרבן מנחה, כמנהג ספרד
Note: Unrecorded - Not in Major Collections or NLI - Women - Liturgy
City: Zhitomir
Publisher: דפוס חנינא ליפא ויהושע העשיל שפירא
Publication Date: 1864
Estimated Price: $5,000.00 USD - $10,000.00 USD
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Physical Description

[2], 3-8, 11-392 pp., quarto, 255:200 mm., initial 124 pp expertly repaired with small loss to translation on each page,

Unrecorded, Not in Major Collections or NLI.


Detail Description

Year round prayerbook for women - follows the Sefard Rite, includes all weekday, Sabbath and High and Festive Holiday liturgies, Pirke Shirah, Pirke Avot, Haggadah and many supplications for women.

n 1847 the Shapira printing press was established by the three brothers Hanina Lipa, Aryeh Leib, and Joshua Heschel Shapira, sons of R. Samuel Abraham Abba Shapira, the printer in Slavuta. Until 1862 this was one of the only two Hebrew presses the Russian government permitted to operate in the whole of Russia, the other being in Vilna. This press had 18 hand presses and four additional large presses. In 1851 Aryeh Leib broke away and established his own printing press in Zhitomir. In these two establishments only sacred books of every kind were printed.


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