Talmud Bavli, Tractate Kiddushin, Slavuta 1819 (44099)

תלמוד בבלי, מסכת קידושין - Hasidic

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Lot Number: 44099
Title (English): Talmud Bavli, Tractate Kiddushin
Title (Hebrew): תלמוד בבלי, מסכת קידושין
Note: Hasidic
City: Slavuta
Publisher: Moses Shapira
Publication Date: 1819
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Physical Description

96, 19, 207-249 ff., small folio, 351:195 mm., age, use, and damp staining, scattered worming touching letters, tears with small losses, title extended to size, loose in contemporary boiards, rubbed and split.


Detail Description

The Babylonian Talmud of Tractate Kiddushin.
In 1791 R. Moses Shapira, son of the zaddik R. Phinehas b. Abraham of Korets, founded the printing press Slavuta became known for. Later R. Moses' two sons, Samuel Abba and Phinehas, took over the administration of the press. Three editions of the Babylonian Talmud, an edition of the Bible (with commentaries), the Zohar, and many other religious works, especially hasidic literature, were all produced handsomely and with great care by the press. In 1835 the press was closed down when the owners were arrested for the alleged murder of a worker who had supposedly denounced them for printing books without permission from the censor.

Hebrew Description

נדפס ... פעם שלישית ... [עם] הרב אלפסי עם כל נושאי כליו ... וספר ... מהרש"ל ... מהרש"א ... מהר"ם ... ופירוש מעדני יום טוב ודברי חמודות ... על הרא"ש ...

Reference Description

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