Heshek Shelomo, R. Solomon b. Isaac le-Bet ha-Levi, Salonica 1599-1600 (45527)

חשק שלמה - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 45527
Title (English): Heshek Shelomo
Title (Hebrew): חשק שלמה
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. Solomon b. Isaac le-Bet ha-Levi
City: Salonica
Publisher: דפוס מתתיה מגזע בת שבע על ידי בניו אברהם ויוסף אברהם
Publication Date: 1599-1600
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Physical Description

Only edition, 197 ff., folio,, 284:192 mm., wide margins, light age and damp staining, initial 5 ff with paper repairs. A good copy bound in modern cloth over boards.


Detailed Description:   

Commentary on the book of Isaiah by R. Solomon b. Isaac le-Bet ha-Levi (1532-1600). The third generation of exiles from Portugal, Solomon was born in Salonika, residing there his entire life, excepting an interval when he served as rabbi of Skopje (1568-1571). He was an exceptional student, studying under R. Joseph ibn Lev (Maharival, c. 1505-1580) and private tutors, the latter for secular subjects. R. Solomon served from 1568-c. 1571 as rabbi in Uskub (Skopje) and, from 1574, as rabbi of several congregations in Salonika, where he was recognized as chief rabbi. At a later age, in response to the entreaties of his sons, Solomon began to collect and edit his writings, preparing them for publication. The task had not been completed when he died.

The title is from "that which Solomon desired (heshek Shelomo) to build" (I Kings 9:1,19; II Chronicles 8:6). The title page has an architectural frame and informs that it is a detailed inquiry into Isaiah the prophet and that Solomon has utilized the works of our sages found in the Yalkut Nevi'im and in the Zohar. It was printed in Salonika, both his and his father's birthplace, work beginning on 1 Kislev, "My heart rejoices in the Lord, my horn  קרני(360 = 19 November, 1599) is exalted in the Lord" (ISamuel 2:1), at the press of Mattathias Bath-Sheba by his sons Abraham and Joseph Abraham. The colophon dates completion to 5 Sivan, which is the month of Ziv (sic), "Your lips are like a thread of scarlet השני (360 = Thursday, May 18, 1600)" (Song of Songs 4:3). Next are the introductions of the author and of his son, Isaac. A second introduction from R. Solomon appears on 140a, accompanied by verse. Heshek Shelomo is set in two columns, comprised of the text of Isaiah in square letters and R. Solomon's commentary in rabbinic letters. An unusual feature of Heshek Shelomo is that Isaiah is unvocalized. The volume concludes with remarks from Isaac le-Bet ha-Levi's introduction (140a-b) and indexes. In addition to frames about several initial words, there is a decorative tail-piece at the conclusion of the commentary and the Bath-Sheba device, a crowned lion on the left and a crowned eagle on the right, back to back, is after the colophon.

This is the only edition of Heshek Shelomo. R. Solomon also wrote Lev Avot (Salonika, 1565, see 16th. Cent. 2:558-559), on Pirkei Avot; Divrei Shelomo Venice 1596, ee 16th Cent. 2:860-861), discourses on the Torah and festivals; and Lehem Shelomo (Venice 159), on aggadot in the Talmud. His responsa were not printed although they had been prepared at the time of his death. R. Solomon also wrote Talmudic novellae, works on geography, genealogy, and the Levites much of which is still extant in manuscript.


Hebrew Description:

והוא פרישת דרישת ספר ישעיהו [עם הפנים, בלא ניקוד] ... חברתיו ... אני ... שלמה בן ... ר' יצחק לבית הלוי (בן החכם הרופא ... מישטרי שלמה ... אשר גורש מספרד ממלכות פורטוגאל ונתישב בשאלוניקי ... זה קרוב למאה שנה). ועל צבאו ... מאמרי חז"ל הנמצאים בילקוט נביאים ובספר הזהר ... בכל פסוק ופסוק. היתה הדפסתו בשאלוניקי עיר מולדתי ומולדת אבא מארי ...

בדף ב הקדמות המחבר ובנו ר' יצחק. "הקדמה" נוספת של המחבר נדפסה בדף קמ,א ובה שני שירים: [1] עם הולכים חשך ראו נוגה ואור. אוצר השירה והפיוט, ג, עמ' 280, מס' 718; [2] בני בין תנו לב ושכל להבין נבואות ישעיה מבשר לעמו. שם, ב, עמ' 42, מס' 946.
בהמשך העמוד: דברי "המדפיס ... אברהם בן ... מתתיה יצ"ו מגזע בת שבע".
דף קמ,ב-קנז: מפתחות, מאת בן המחבר ר' יצחק, עם "הקדמה" בראשם.
דף קנז,ב: "אמר יצחק בן ... המחבר", דברי-סיום ו"תפלה קצרה" שכל תיבותיה פותחות באות מ. פותחת: מלך מלכי מלכים. שם, ג, עמ' 144, מס' 1614. אחריה שיר בשבח הספר. פותח: ספר פרוש ידך אלי מרום, שם עמ' 246, מס' 236.



CD-NLI 0182267; Marvin J. Heller 17th Century Hebrew Book, pp. 8-9