Orden de la Agada de Pesah, London 1813 (45708)

הגדה של פסח - Haggadah - Illustrated - Map

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Lot Number: 45708
Title (English): Orden de la Agada de Pesah
Title (Hebrew): הגדה של פסח
Note: Haggadah - Illustrated - Map
Author: L Alexander
City: London
Publisher: (W. Tooke)
Publication Date: 1806
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Physical Description

[2], 19 ff. text; [6 of 7] copper plate illustration charts, [5 of 5] fold-out maps, quarto, 240:194 mm., wide margins, usual age, food & wine staining, lacking 2 plates and part of 1 map. A very good copy bound in modern leather over boards. 

Rare: plates and charts are usually not present.

First and only edition of the only Spanish translation of the Haggadah to be printed in London.


Detail Description

Orden de la Agada de Pesah, en Hebraico y Espanol, segun uzan los judios espanoles, y portuguezes... Por Senior Jacob Meldula , de Amsterdam

“This, the only Spanish translation of the Haggadah to be printed in London, is also an example of the survival into the 19th century of the Spanish language among the Sephardic Jews of England” (Yerushalmi 85). The illustrations depict biblical scenes, and the maps detail the terrain of the Middle East printed by Levi Alexander, retaining their English captions. Printed in Hebrew with Spanish translation by Jacob Meldula of Amsterdam.


Hebrew Description

מקור ותרגום ספרדי, באותיות לאטיניות, עמוד מול עמוד.
המפות הן של ארץ-ישראל וים-סוף באנגלית.
הציורים והמפות, פיתוחי-נחושת, כבהוצאת London תקס"ו.
בחלק מן הטפסים נשמטו הציורים והמפות.


Yudlov 544; Yaari 381; CD-NLI 0184988; Yerushalmi, plate 85.