Letter by Hebron Rabbis, R. Mani, R. Franco, Hebron 1883 (45821)

כתב מרבני חברון

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Lot Number: 45821
Title (English): Letter by Hebron Rabbis, R. Mani, R. Franco
Title (Hebrew): כתב מרבני חברון
Note: Manuscript
City: Hebron
Publication Date: 1883
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Physical Description

[1] p., 288:228 mm., usual age staining, creased on folds, ink on paper, signed, sealed, and dated.


Detail Description

Shedar letter signed by five leading rabbis of Hebron with five endorsement stamps. Signed are:


R. Rahmim Joseph Franco (1835-1901), born in Rhodes, came to Jerusalem in 1868. He served in the Bet Din of R. Jacob Elyashar, was appointed chief rabbi of Hebron in 1878 where he served until his passing.

R. Elijah b. Suleiman Mani (1818–1899) rabbi of Hebron and one of the best known Iraqi rabbis, born in Baghdad, where he studied at the Beit Zilka rabbinical academy and was one of the outstanding pupils of R. Abdallah Somekh. In 1856 he settled in Erez Israel, first in Jerusalem, but two years later he moved to Hebron. He played a prominent role in the development of the Jewish community there. In 1865 he was appointed chief rabbi of Hebron and retained this post until his death. By nature an unassuming and generous man, he was outspoken and adamant in matters of religious observance. He made several journeys on behalf of the Hebron community: to India in 1873; Egypt, 1872 and 1878; and Baghdad 1880. In 1879–80 a fierce argument broke out between R. Elijah and two prominent members of the community, Mercado Romano and R. Rahamim Joseph Franco, which split the community into two factions. In the end R. Elijah's views prevailed. R. Elijah wrote several books dealing with traditional and mystical Jewish studies. Of these, the following were published: Zikhronot Eliyahu, a collection of religious precepts, arranged in alphabetical order, of which two parts appeared (Jerusalem, 1936, 1938); and Karnot Zaddik (Baghdad, 1867). Many of his responsa were published in the Jerusalem Me'assef and in the writings of contemporary rabbinic scholars.

R. Moses b. David Kimhi (b. 1809) was born in Bosnia and arrived in Hebron in 1820. He was Rosh Yeshiva and a member of the Bet Din from 1839.

R. Mordehai Hassan, Hebron rabbinical scholar and signatory to many documents.

R. Nissim Hayyim Karo, Hebron rabbinical scholar and signatory to many documents.



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