Document by seven rabbis, Jerusalem 1844 (45904)

כתב מרבני ירושלים - Manuscript

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Lot Number: 45904
Title (English): Document by seven rabbis
Title (Hebrew): כתב מרבני ירושלים
Note: Manuscript
City: Jerusalem
Publication Date: 1844
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Physical Description

[1] p., 265:204mm., light age staining, creased on folds, ink on paper, neat mid-Eastern rabbinic script, signed by seven rabbis, dated.


Detail Description

Signed are:

R. Judah b. Raphael Navon (d. 1844), chief rabbi, Haham Bqashi of Jerusalem. R. Navov was born to a Sephardic Jerusalem family of rabbinical scholars and community leaders. An erudite scholar he was the author of Degel Mahne Ephraim (never published?) a commentary to his grandfather's Mahne Ephraim. His name appears on many period documents. Enc Hakhmei Jerusalem

R. Chaim Ya'akov Pardo.

R. Moses b. Raphael Pardo (died 1888) was a rabbi and rabbinical emissary. He was born in Jerusalem. After serving as rabbi in Jerusalem for many years, he left the city in 1870 and traveled to North Africa on a mission on behalf of Jerusalem. On his return trip in 1871 he stopped in Alexandria and accepted an offer to serve as the rabbi of the Jewish community there, a position he held until his death. Pardo was the author of Hora'ah de-Veit Din, about the laws of divorce; Shemo Moshe, responsa; and Zedek u-Mishpat, novellae to Hoshen Mishpat.

R. Chaim Ephraim b. Judah Navon (d. 1860) rabbinical scholar in Jeusalem.

R. Benjamin Mordechai b. Ephraim Navon (17881851), kabbalist and halakhist, one of the outstanding Jerusalem sages of his time, son of Ephraim b. Jonah Navon. Navon was called Jilibin (Çelebi, a Turkish title of honor). He was head of the kabbalists of the "Midrash Ḥasidim Kehillah Kedoshah Bet El" and head of a bet din. He devoted himself to a great extent to communal affairs, and assisted Israel Bak in establishing his pioneer printing press in Jerusalem in 1841. Navon wrote many responsa, some of which were published under the title Benei Binyamin (1876) by jacob saul elyashar , his stepson and disciple, who also included many of his sermons in his Ish Emunim (1885).

and two more rabbis.



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