Letter by R. Israel Friedman, second Admor of Chortkov, Vienna 1930 (46419)

כתב מהאדמו"ר מטשורטקוב זצ"ל - Manuscript - Hasidic

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Lot Number: 46419
Title (English): Letter by R. Israel Friedman, second Admor of Chortkov
Title (Hebrew): כתב מהאדמו"ר מטשורטקוב זצ"ל
Note: Manuscript - Hasidic
City: Vienna
Publication Date: 1930
Estimated Price: $3,000.00 USD - $6,000.00 USD


Physical Description:

[1] p., 225:145 mm., light age staning, some creasing, ink on paper, signed by Admor, dated.


Detailed Description:   

Letter signed by R. Israel b. David Moshe Friedman (1854-1934), second Admor of Chortkov, was born in Zolotoy Potok and named after his grandfather, R. Israel of Ruzhin. R. Israel was appointed Admor upon the passing of his father in 1903 and attracted thousands of Hasidim to his court which he ran with the concept of Hod shebe'Tiferet ("Majesty in Glory"; in kabalistic terms). Among his noted students and disciples was R. Meir Shapira of Lublin.

The Admor was very involved in community and world affairs. He was the organizer of the Histadrut ha-Charedim which later merged with the Agudat Israel. R. Israel was a founding member of the Mo’azet Gedola ha-Torah of the Agudah. After WWI he moved to Vienna but travelled to Chortkov several times a year. At each train station, thousands would assemble to greet him and seek his blessings. He passed on in Vienna and is interred in the Ruzhin section of the Vienna cemetery.