Letter by R. Meir Leifer-Rosenbaum, Admor of Nadworna, Tribushan 1902 (46426)

כתב מה"ר מאיר רוזנבוים האדמו"ר מנאדבורנא-קרשינוף - Manuscript - Hasidic

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Lot Number: 46426
Title (English): Letter by R. Meir Leifer-Rosenbaum, Admor of Nadworna
Title (Hebrew): כתב מה"ר מאיר רוזנבוים האדמו"ר מנאדבורנא-קרשינוף
Note: Manuscript - Hasidic
City: Tribushan (Delovoye)
Publication Date: 1902
Estimated Price: $10,000.00 USD - $20,000.00 USD


Physical Description

[1] p., 207:170 mm., light age staining, creased on folds, ink on paper, Ashkenazic script, all in Rabbi's hand, signed, and dated.


Detail Description

R. Meir Leifer-Rosenbaum, Rebbe of Kretchnif-Nadworna (1848-1908), was the third son of R. Mordehai Leifer of Nadworna. He started his dynasty in Jassy and after several years moved to Kretchnif (Crachunesti) a suburb of Sighet. Like his father, he lived an ascetic life and was renown for his extreme piety, humility, Talmudic and hasidic scholarship, and insight into human nature. Many wonderful stories abound about him as a miracle worker and savior of Jews. His court in Kretchnif attracted thousands of Jews wishing to receive his advice and his blessing. He was known for his sincere behavior which allowed him to smile only on Purim and Simhat Torah.



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