Jerusalem Talmud - Yevomot, Solomon Judah Friedlaender, 1905 (46739)

תלמוד ירושלמי יבמות ע"פ חשק שלמה (מזויף?) - Only Edition - Forgery

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Lot Number: 46739
Title (English): Jerusalem Talmud - Tractate Yevomot
Title (Hebrew): תלמוד ירושלמי יבמות ע"פ חשק שלמה (מזויף?)
Note: Only Edition - Forgery
Author: Solomon Judah Friedlaender
City: Szinervaralja (Seini)
Publisher: Jacob Weider
Publication Date: 1905
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Physical Description

Only edition. [6], 15, 17-104, 104-155, [2] ff., quarto, 240:170 mm., usual age staining, wide margins. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.

Detail Description

Friedlaender's most important forgery, his pretended Yevomot  of the Jerusalem Talmud with his commentary Heshek Shelomo. Friedlaender proclaimed his fortunate discovery of an ancient Spanish manuscript, dated Barcelona 1212, which contained this long lost and most important talmudic text.

Solomon Judah Friedlaender (c. 1860–c. 1923), author and literary forger. Friedlaender gave contradictory biographical accounts of his life, claiming at various times to have been born in Hungary, Turkey, and Rumania, but in all probability he was born in Beshenkovichi near Vitebsk, Belorussia. He supposedly studied at the yeshivah in Volozhin and afterward wandered throughout Europe. He was in Czernowitz (1880–1882), Mainz (1884), Frankfort on the Main (1885), Mulhouse (c. 1888–c. 1895), Waitzen (1900–1902), Naszod (1902–1906), and finally in Szatmar, from 1906 onward. It seems that he died in Vienna. Friedlaender published a number of works of doubtful authenticity or pure forgeries.

With this publication, he reached the summit of his audacity, claiming to be of pure Sephardi descent (Sephardi tahor) from the well-known Algazi family and a native of Smyrna. He asserted that he was assisted in the acquisition of the manuscript by his brother, Elijah Algazi, and a business associate of the latter, both citizens of Smyrna. Some of the leading scholars of this period, such as Solomon Buber, Solomon Shechter, and Shalom Mordecai Schwadron of Brzezany accepted his story. However, the majority of scholars gave no credence to his tales, and B. Ritter of Rotterdam conclusively proved the fallaciousness of Friedlaender's claims. On the basis of internal evidence, Ritter showed that the text was an overt forgery. Ritter's conclusions were supported by many experts, including V. Aptowitzer, W. Bacher, D. B. Ratner and Meir Dan Plotzki. The controversy continued for the next few years, and as late as 1913, Friedlaender still published booklets on this issue.


Hebrew Description

חלק ראשון, מסכת יבמות, מוגה ומסודר... ומפורש... על ידי הפירוש חשק שלמה, הכולל פירוש תוספות והגהות. מאתי שלמה יהודא... פריעדלענדער...

השער בצבעים. עם שני פירושים: "פירוש" ו"תוספות". על הגהותיו כותב המחבר בהקדמה: "קבצתי... עשרים וששה ספרי ירושלמי... מעוטרים בהגהות גאונים מפורסמים רובם ספרדים עלי גליון, והגהתי על פיהם".

הסכמות: ר' חיים ב"ר יוסף דובער הלוי סאלווייציג, בריסק, יא ניסן תרס"ד; ר' אליהו דוד ראבינאוויטץ תאומים, ירושלים, א תבא תרס"ג; ר' יוסף [שלופר], סלאנימא, ה נח תרס"ב; ר' חיים חזקיאו מדיני; ר' מרדכי יהודא ב"ר ישכר [לוו], אינטראדאם, יג לעומר תרס"ד; ר' דוד ניימאן, פרעסבורג, יז אדר א תרס"ה; ר' אליעזר דייטש, באניהאד, יט סיון תרס"ה; ר' שמואל לוי וויינבערגער, נ' באניא, ד פנחס תרס"ד; ר' יוסף ליב סופר, פאקש, א שלח תרס"ה; ר' אברהם יצחק גליק, טאלטשווא, ערב ט באב תרס"ד; ר' משה סופר, טיסא פירעד, א כי תצא תרס"ד; ר' משה הלוי יונגרייז, קאשוי, ד נצבים תרס"ד.



CD-NLI 0308302; EJ; D. B. Ratner, in: Haolam, 1 (1907), 26ff.; Tel-Talpioth, 1907 and 1908