Kol David, R. David ha-Kohen Ara, Venice 1880 (46741)

קול דוד - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 46741
Title (English): Kol David
Title (Hebrew): קול דוד
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. David ben Kalonyomous Matthias ha-Kohen Ara
City: Venice
Publisher: Jonah ha-Kohen
Publication Date: 1880
Estimated Price: $300.00 USD - $600.00 USD
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Physical Description

Only edition. 80 pp., quarto, 230:174 mm., wide margins, light age staining, each page in frame. A very good copy bound in contemporary linen over boards.

Detail Description

Verse, ethics and memorial book in by R. David ben Kalonyomous Matthias ha-Kohen. The title page describes Kol davod as the work of David Aryeh ha-Kohen of Trieste, Elul, I am for my children and my children are for me, the initial letters spelling Elul, “this is the blessing זאת הברכה (640 = 1880)” (Deuteonomy 33:1). The blessings of David your father on the day of your assembly הכנסך be shomrei ha-mizvot, hearken my son to my voice “and God shall be with you” (Exodus 18:19). There is an introduction from the author (3-8) and then a title page to the first part entitled, Kol Sasson, versified letters to his wife and children upon meomorable occasions. Part two has two title pages, the first Mahanim is dated, “Remember the זכור את (634 = 1874) Sabbath day, to keep it holy” (Exodus 20:8), the second mentioning Baruch Morporgo. It is a dialogue on faith. The third part is entitled Avnei Zikkaron and reproduces the text of tombstones. The final page is a list of the verses and the tombstones. The text is in square letters, the verse vocalized, all within a border. Frieberg incorrectly gives the pagination as 89 pages. The original front grey wrapper is not bound with this copy.


Hebrew Description

מלאכת דוד ארא הכהן יצ"ו איש טריאסטי ... בחדש אלול ... ז'א'ת' ה'ב'ר'כ'ה' [תר"ם] ברכת דוד אביך ביום הכנסך בכלל שומרי המצות ...

שער מעטפת. בראש הספר (אחרי המעטפת) שער חלקי. כולל ארבעה חלקים: [א]. איגרות ברכה לבנו ולבתו של המחבר לרגל היכנסם למצוות; [ב]. "קול ששון", שירים; [ג]. "מחנים", דיאלוג על האמונה; [ד]. "אבני זכרון", ציוני מצבות. לחלק מחלקי הספר שערים חלקיים. הפרט של שער חלק ג: שנת ז'כ'ו'ר' א'ת' יום השבת לקדשו [תרל"ד].



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