Seder haYom, R. Moses b. Judah Ibn Machir, Slavuta [i.e.Zholkva]1815 (46763)

סדר היום

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Lot Number: 46763
Title (English): Seder haYom
Title (Hebrew): סדר היום
Author: R. Moses b. Judah Ibn Machir
City: Slavuta [i.e.Zholkva]
Publisher: דפוס אברהם יהודא ליב מאיר האפער
Publication Date: 1815
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

72 ff., quarto, 224:168 mm., light age and damp staining, nice margins, A very good copy bound in contemporary full leather over boards, rubbed.

Slavuta on title in bold letters to deceive buyers.


Detail Description

R. Moses b. Judah Ibn Machir (16th cen.) rabbi and kabbalist. He lived in Safed and was close with the many great rabbis of the generation. He is best known for his work Seder HaYom (Venice 1599). He also founded a yeshiva in the village of Ein Zeitoun, near Safed. The yeshiva very quickly earned a great reputation throughout the Diaspora and attracted many students.

Seder haYom's title reads: “A work entitled Seder haYom: An exquisite explanation of the prayers according to the four types of wisdom known by the acronym PARDES.” The work details how a Jew needs to organize his day according to the ways of Torah and the fear of G-d. It is designed for every segment of the population, and it deals in particular with the course of the day, from morning till night, weekdays, Sabbatd, Rosh Chodesh, and the holidays. R. Machir writes in the introduction: “This is why every man should push himself, day and night, at all times and at every instant, not to lose even a single moment of time with the vanities and charms of this world. From the time he arises in the morning until he goes to bed at night, a man should manage his time in such a way that he seeks only to accomplish G-d’s will. As for his own desires, they should be the same as Heaven’s: Correct and pure.”

“This is why I felt the need – I, Moses the son of Judah from the family of Machir – to write this book that I have named Seder HaYom [literally ‘Order of the Day’], because in it I deal with how a man should manage his days and nights, his Sabbath and holidays, during the entire year – be it at home or away – when going to bed and when arising.”

Seder HaYom enjoyed wide acceptance throughout the entire Diaspora, and it has been cited by all the rabbinic authorities of previous generations that dealt with laws concerning daily life. R. Machir made substantial promises to whomever studied his book and followed its advice in their daily life: “I am certain that by adopting this daily regimen, one will be loved by G-d and man. He will succeed in everything he undertakes, he will conduct himself faultlessly, he will attain an advanced age, he will see children and grandchildren, and he will succeed in accomplishing G-d’s will. This is the right path for all to follow.”


Hebrew Description

... הובא לבית הדפוס על ידי ... ר' אברהם מלבוב ... כאשר נדפס בסלאוויטא ...

בשנת י'ו'ם' ל'י'ו'ם' יביע' א'ו'מ'ר' ו'ל'י'ל'ה' ללילה' י'חוה דעת

"בסלאוויטא", באותיות גדולות.
היו"ד שבתיבה "יחוה", בפרט, אינה בולטת די צרכה, אבל נלקחה בחשבון משום שמסגרת-השער (בעלת שני קווים ישרים) וצורת האותיות שונות מאלו שבדפוס זאלקווא תקס"ה.
ראינו טופס נוסף הזהה בכל לטופס הראשון, אלא שנשמט מן השער שמו של המביא לבית הדפוס.



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