Likkutei Beurim, R. Dov Ber Schneerson, Warsaw 1868 (46766)

לקוטי ביאורים - Habad - First collected edition

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Lot Number: 46766
Title (English): Likkutei Beurim
Title (Hebrew): לקוטי ביאורים
Note: Habad - First collected edition
Author: R. Dov Ber Schneerson
City: Warsaw
Publisher: Nathan Schriftgisser
Publication Date: 1868
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Physical Description

First collected edition. [1], 67; 52 ff., quarto, 195:152 mm., light age staining, wide margins. A very good copy bound in modern full leather over boards.


Detail Description

Habad treatises by the son of the Baal Ha'Tanya, with textual variations of earlier editions. Commentary by R. Hillel of Paritsch, an important Habad disciple. R. Dov Ber Schneerson (1773–1827), the eldest son of R. Shneur Zalman, became after his father's death in 1813 the leader of the majority of his father's Hasidim. He settled in the little town of Lubavich, which became the center of Habad. Under R. Dov Ber's leadership, the Habad approach was strengthened and deepened. His blend of intellect and mysticism is expressed in his clear and profound commentaries on his father's works. He was a prolific writer and wrote many works, the majority being explanations of diverse subjects, among them Kunteres ha-Hitpa'alut (1876; Tractate on Ecstasy, 1963), according to his systematized Habad Hasidism. At the same time he supported the idea of productivization in Jewish economy, and encouraged his Hasidim to take up manual occupations. He also persuaded all the Habad Hasidim in Erez Israel to settle in Hebron (1820) which became the Habad center there. R. Dov Baer was imprisoned for a time because of accusations against him by an informer, but was released on the 10th of Kislev, which is celebrated as a holiday among Habad Hasidim. He passed on in Nezhin in Ukraine.


Hebrew Description

מבאר מאמרי אדמו"ר... דובער זצ"ל... [חלק א]: א. גוף קונטרס ההתפעלות מהנ"ל [עם הקדמה נוספת ושינויים מן הנדפס בקניגסברג, תר"י בערך, וההוצאות שנדפסו על פיה].

עם שני ביאורים סובבים. מהדו"ק ומהדו"ת [מהדורא קמא ומהדורא תניינא] (חלק ב): ב. משער היחוד [שבספר נר מצוה ותורה אור] של אדמו"ר הנ"ל, איזה סימנים מבוארים... ג. הקדמת דרך חיים של אדמו"ר הנ"ל. מבואר... עם תוכחת מוסר השכל... לבעלי עסק במו"מ [במשא ומתן]. כל אלה עבד... מוה' הלל [מאליסוב] בהרב ר' מאיר הלוי ז"ל... אור תורתו זרח רוב שנותיו בק' פאריטש... ולבסוף ימיו... בק' באברוסק... הובא לביה"ד ע"י חתנו... מוה' רפאל מרדכי נ"י בהרב ר' ברוך שמואל ז"ל. ע"פ כו"ר [על-פי כתב וראיה] נכד הרב הנ"ל... מוה' פנחס הלוי נ"י. חלק א-(ב).


CD-NLI 0181106; Habermann, Sharei Habad, 91; EJ