Duda’e Mhri'y, R. Isaac Joseph Ettinger, Krotoschin (Krotoszyn) 1847 (46784)

דודאי מהרא"י - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 46784
Title (English): Duda’e Mhri'y
Title (Hebrew): דודאי מהרא"י
Note: First Edition
Author: R. Isaac Joseph Ettinger
City: Krotoschin (Krotoszyn)
Publisher: B. L. Monasch & Co.
Publication Date: 1847
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description:

Only edition. [6], 3-180 pp., 194:118 mm., usual light age staining, nice margins. A very good copy bound in contemporary half cloth boards, rubbed.


Detailed Description:   

Novellae on the weekly parashiot by R. Isaac Joseph Ettinger. The title is from Genesis, Duda’e referring to the mandrakes, collected by Reuben and sought by Rachel from Reuben’s mother Leah (Genesis var.cit.) by Leah, mandrakes giving off a good fragrance and having remarkable powers. The verso has a prohibition against trespass for six years, followed by a table of contents, and then a short prayer by the author. The text is in a single column in rabbinic type, excepting headers and initial words which are in square letters. The novellae vary in length, some being as brief as one line, others relatively long and insightful pieces. Duda’e Mhri”y is written in a clear and lucid style and attractively printed.

Hebrew printing in Krotoschin (Krotoszyn) began in 1833 when Dov Baer (Baer Loeb) Monash (1801–1876) set up a Hebrew printing press. He remained active until 1901. Monash had learned the trade (and obtained the Hebrew type) from Dyhernfurth. The most important books printed by him were: a five-volume Pentateuch with Onkelos, Rashi, haftarot, and German translation by Johlson (1837); a 12-volume Bible with Onkelos, Rashi, and German translation (1839–43); a mahzor (Minhah Hadashah, 1838). The Hebrew press in Krotoszyn was known through its edition of the Jerusalem Talmud which has become standard (1866–67). The most beautiful production of this press was Isaac Aboab's Menorat ha-Ma'or, with German translation by Fuerstenthal and Behrend (1845–48). Here also were printed - though not in Hebrew - 17 volumes of the Monatsschrift fuer Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums (1869 ff.).


Hebrew Description: 

על התורה. חברתיו ... יצחק איצק יוסף עטטינגער. עמוס על המשרה של עבודת הקדש בעדת פלעשען ...



EJ; Vin Krotoschin 76; CD-NLI 0108881