Brith Certificate signed by Ktav Sofer, Pressburg 1870 (46986)

מכתב ע"ח מה"ר אברהם שמואל בנימין סופר, במ"ס כתב סופר - Manuscript

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Lot Number: 46986
Title (English): Brith Certificate signed by Ktav Sofer
Title (Hebrew): מכתב ע"ח מה"ר אברהם שמואל בנימין סופר, במ"ס כתב סופר
Note: Manuscript
City: Pressburg
Publication Date: 1870
Estimated Price: $3,000.00 USD - $6,000.00 USD


Physical Description

[1] p., 344:210 mm., light age staining, creased on folds, ink on paper, signed by the Rabbi, stamped and dated.


Detail Description

Brith certificate signed by Ktav Sofer, R. Abraham Samuel Benjain Wolf Sofer (Schreiber; 1815–1871), oldest son of R. Moses Sofer. He succeeded his father on his death in 1839 as rabbi and rosh yeshivah of Pressburg. In his will, R. Moses Sofer appointed his eldest son to succeed him as rosh yeshivah. Shortly before his death he indicated to the community his desire that R. Abraham be appointed his successor in the rabbinate during his own lifetime. Although his son was only 24 at the time, R. Moses Sofer's request was granted. Thenceforth the Pressburg community became the heritage of the Sofer family dynasty. During the 32 years he occupied this post, he continued his father's policies in all matters. He was one of the active organizers of Hungarian Orthodoxy for the Jewish Congress which took place in 1869, and subsequently carried on his activity in this sphere. Though not at first an extremist, he later joined their ranks and finally gave the religious approval of the Sofer dynasty to the schism in Hungarian Jewry. He published responsa and expositions of the Torah under the title Ketav Sofer (1873–1938).


Hebrew Description