Imrei Shefer, R. Naphtali Ashkenazi , Venice 1601 (47219)

אמרי שפר - Kabbalah - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 47219
Title (English): Imrei Shefer
Title (Hebrew): אמרי שפר
Note: Kabbalah - Only Edition
Author: R. Naphtali Ashkenazi
City: Venice
Publisher: Daniel Zaniti
Publication Date: 1601
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Physical Description

Only edition. 220 ff., quarto, 201:140 mm., wide margins, age and damp staining. A very good copy bound in modern half leather and cloth boards.


Detail Description

Sermons with kabbalistic influence by R. Naphtali b. Joseph Ashkenazi (c. 1540–1602), rabbi in Safed. R. Ashkenazi studied in the two great yeshivot of the Ashkenazi community in Safed and was later appointed preacher there. He suffered great privation as a result of the deterioration in the economic situation, and in 1595 went to Egypt and then Italy. In Mantua he made the acquaintance of R. Moses Berab. Leone Modena held Ashkenazi in high esteem and wrote a poem in praise of his book. In Venice, he was received with great honor and the rosh yeshivah, R. Ben Zion Zarefati, invited Ashkenazi to join his staff. During his stay in the city he was the guest of the wealthy Kalonymus Belgrado, founder of the yeshivah. He discovered the manuscripts of R. Solomon b. Abraham Adret's Avodat ha-Kodesh and Abraham b. David of Posquilres' Ba'alei Nefesh and published them in Venice in 1602. He planned to return to Erez Israel, but died in Venice. The eulogy on him by R. Leone Modena was published in his Midbar Yehudah (78ff.).


Hebrew Description

יסדו וגם חקרו ... כמהר"ר נפתלי אשכנזי נר"ו תושב צפת ... בביאור מאמרי רז"ל. ופשטים נאים ... בלקוטי קצת פסוקי' ... והוגה ... ע"י ... כמוהר"ר יצחק גרשון נר"ו ...

מעבר לשער: שיר, מאת ר' יהודה אריה ממודינא [פותח: שא נא קורא / עיניך וראה / ספר אמרי / שפר דורש]. דרושים. עיין על הספר: יצחק ריבקינד, דקדוקי-ספרים - ספר היובל לכבוד אלכסנדר מארכס, נוירק תש"י, עמ' תכד, מס' 31.



CD-NLI  0112295; EJ; S. Bernstein, The Divan of Leo di Modena (1932), p. 73