Likkutei Shoshanim, [Yemen] 19th cent. (47224)

ליקוטי שושנים - Manuscript

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Lot Number: 47224
Title (English): Likkutei Shoshanim
Title (Hebrew): ליקוטי שושנים
Author: [Ms.] Salim b. David Manzour, scribe
City: [Yemen]
Publication Date: 19th cent.
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Physical Description

[24] ff., 160:104 mm., usual light age staining, ink on paper, 14 lines of text per page, neat Yemenite rabbinic script, signed by scribe, not dated.

Detail Description

Collection of rules, and writings concerning family, the Patriarchs, and several other topics. The breath and scope of this work reflects that for hundreds of years the Yemenite Jewish communities followed their traditional ways of secular and religious life, not being influenced by external trends and currents. Some customs in the Yemenite prayer rites go back to the prayer book of R. Saadiah Ga'on. From the 16th century on the Kabbalah and especially later its Lurianic school and system found its way to Yemen and influenced Jewish literary production in the areas of commentaries to the Bible, prayers, and liturgical poetry. All of this rich history is reflected in this work.