Akhen yesh ha-Shem: Yesod Ohel Moʻed, R.Sossnitz; R. Abraham Bik, 1875 (47235)

יסוד אהל מועד‘ - אכן יש ה - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 47235
Title (English): Akhen yesh ha-Shem: Yesod Ohel Moʻed
Title (Hebrew): יסוד אהל מועד‘ - אכן יש ה
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. Joseph Judah Löb Sossnitz; R. Abraham ben Joseph Bik
City: Vilna; Lemberg
Publisher: דפוס יהודה ליב מץ
Publication Date: 1875
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

Only edition, quarto, vi, 98 pp.; 53, [3] ff. 210: 133 mm., nice margins, age staining. A good copy bound in later boards, rubbed.


Detail Description

Two varied independent works, the first the only edition both printed in 1876. The first title is Akhen yesh ha-Shem by R. Joseph Judah Löb Sossnitz. It is, in fourteen chapters, an attack upon modern materialism and philosophy. The second work, by R. Abraham ben Joseph Bik, are discourses on the Torah.

R. Joseph Judah Löb Sossnitz (1837-1910) was a Russian-American Talmudic scholar, mathematician, and scientific author. Born at Birzhi, government of Kovno, he was only ten years old when he prepared a calendar for the year 5608 (=1847-48). At the age of nineteen he went to Riga as a teacher of Hebrew, and there made the acquaintance of Professor Novik, who gave him access to the library of the polytechnical school, where he studied German and perfected himself in secular sciences, on which he published articles in Jewish periodicals. In 1875 he was invited to Berlin by H. S. Slonimski to act as coeditor of "Ha-Ẓefirah," but as he refused to write against Lichtenfeld, Slonimski's antagonist, he was dismissed. In 1888 he settled at Warsaw as editor of the scientific and cabalistic departments of "Ha-Eshkol." He went to New York in 1891, and two years later he founded, in 104th street, a Talmud Torah, of which he was principal until 1897. Since 1899 he has been lecturer on Jewish ethics in the Educational Alliance. R. Sossnitz has written on different treatises of the Talmud, and on astronomy, geometry, physics, etc. His published works, in addition to  Aken Yesh ha-Shem are as follows are Ha-Shemesh (Warsaw, 1878), an essay upon a scientific demonstration of the sun's substance, based on modern investigation and accompanied by astronomical tables; Seḥoḳ ha-Shak (Vilna, 1880), a manual of chess, based upon A. von Breda's method; Der Ewige Kalender (Riga, 1884); "Iddan 'Olamim (Warsaw, 1888), a perpetual calendar for Jews, Christians, and Mohammedans, with tables for comparison; Ha-Ma'or (ib. 1889), an essay on Jewish religious philosophy, containing, besides, notes on Biblical and Talmudical exegesis.


Hebrew Description

אכן יש ה - להגן על הדת נגד הכופרים באלהים ובכל כח הנשגב מחמר, האוחזים בשיטת המגשימים <מאטעריאליסטען> על פי ספרי הפלוסופים הטבעים, וביחוד בספר "הכח והחמר" <קראפט אונד שטאף> מאת הח’ האשכנזי ביכנער ... מאת ר’ יוסף יהודה ליב בן מ’ יחיאל מיכל ז"ל זאסניץ ...

יסוד אהל מועד - ספר יסוד אוהל מועד : בו קול קורא לכל חכמי ישראל, לעזור במלאכת הקודש, לעמול בתורה הכתובה להראות הגנוז [בה] ... וכל העושים במלאכה יביאו חדושיהם אל ספרי אוהל מועד ... והוא בחוברות יצא לאורה על סדר פרשיות התורה ... / יסדתי וחברתי ... אברהם בלא"א . .. יעקב ביק ...

קודם לו שער ובו: פרעסבורג ומעבר לשער מכתב הסכמה מהרב יצחק יעקב רייניס.




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