Order Of Service, Chief Rabbi, London 1959 (47272)

סדר חנכת בית דין צדק - Only Edition - Community

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Lot Number: 47272
Title (English): Order Of Service
Title (Hebrew): סדר חנכת בית דין צדק
Note: Only Edition - Community
Author: Chief Rabbi
City: London
Publisher: United Synagogue
Publication Date: 1959
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Physical Description

Only edition. 41, [1] p. 212:148 mm., light age staining. A very good copy bound as issued.


Detail Description

The order of service at the consecration of the London Beth Din’s (Untied Synagogue) Adler House building.

The Adler House was dedicated during the tenor of Chief Rabbi Sir Israel Brodie (d. 1979). R. Brodie was the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth 1948–1965. He was educated at Balliol College, Oxford. He served as a Rabbi in Australia, was evacuated from Dunkirk, and finished the War as Senior Jewish Chaplain. He became Chief Rabbi soon after the war at the age of 53 when he faced a difficult time due to the ending of the British Mandate in Palestine. He presided over the post-war expansion of the United Synagogue. A dignified man of great presence, he was regarded as a mellifluous preacher. He had impeccable English connections and was a freemason, rising to the senior appointment of 'Grand Chaplain' in the United Grand Lodge of England.

Through the Conference of European Rabbis, which he founded and led, Brodie took a significant part in rebuilding the religious life of European Jewry after the Holocaust. Brodie undertook a number of pastoral tours throughout the Commonwealth, and strengthened the community in a quiet but significant manner, although the closing years of his tenure were overshadowed by religious dispute. Brodie banned Dr Louis Jacobs, who questioned the orthodox notion that the Bible had been written by the hand of God, from becoming principal of Jews' College. On his retirement, he was knighted for services to British Jewry.

The London Beth Din is a major department of the United Synagogue, the main Orthodox synagogue grouping in Britain, which was established by Act of Parliament in 1870. The United Synagogue has over 60 communities throughout London and encompasses the full spectrum of Orthodox community facilities including schools, Chadarim, Mikvaot (ritual baths), Chevra Kadisha (burial society), Batei Olam (cemetries) and Tribe (The Young United Syangogue).


Hebrew Description

בלונדון הבירה ביום ג כד אלול שנת צדק צד'ק' ת'ר'ד'ף [תש"ח].

בראש השער: ק"ק כנסת ישראל. Synnagogue United עברית ואנגלית, עמוד מול עמוד.



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