Keter Kehunah, R. Isaac Abraham Dov Baer ha-Kohen, Zolkiev 1805 (47504)

כתר כהונה - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 47504
Title (English): Keter Kehunah
Title (Hebrew): כתר כהונה
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. Isaac Abraham Dov Baer ha-Kohen
City: Zolkiev
Publisher: Abraham Judah Leib
Publication Date: 1805
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Physical Description

Only edition. [1], 77 ff., folio, 364:206 mm., trimmed margins touching words, usual age and damp staining, old hand, stamps. Bound in later boards, rubbed and split.


Detail Description

Seventy-nine responsa on Orah Hayyim and Yoreh De’ah by R. Isaac Abraham Dob Baer ha-Kohen Katz (d. 1808). Described on the title page as part one, and, based the author’s description as a young man, Keter Kehunah was apparently written at an early age, R. Katz later served as the rav of several communities in Poland. He provides his ancestry on the title page, noting that he was a descendant of the Shakh and a grandson of R. Isaac, av bet din, Posen as Rav Feivesh, av bet din Cracow, of the Rema, as well as several other luminaries. There is an introduction on the verso of the title page, immediately followed by the responsa, set in two columns in rabbinic type. At the end of the volume is an index of the responsa. Among the more unusual responsa are if the Torah portion read for the third aliyah is the same as the first two aliyot if that is considered a third aliyah; on exchanging a prohibited substance (issur hanah) for oneself with that of others; and if someone sends a divorce to his wife in which it states that he is a Kohen and he is not a Kohen, is the divorce valid? Several of the responsa are halakhic novellae on earlier authorities such as the Beit Yosef and Rambam and on Talmudic subjects.


Hebrew Description

 חלק ראשון מהשאלות ותשובות (חדושים על ד טורים) שחברתי... יצחק אברהם באמו"ר ... מו' דוב בערוש זצ"ל. בהרב... מהו' יצחק כ"ץ בהגאון... מ' משה כ"ץ בן... מהו' שבתי הכהן... בן... מהו' מאיר זצ"ל... נכד... מהו' יצחק זצ"ל האב"ד דק"ק פוזנא. ונין ונכד... מהו' פייבוש זצ"ל האב"ד דק"ק קראקא. ונין ונכד... הרמ"א ז"ל ונין ונכד... מהו' שאול וואהל בהגאון... מו' יהודא פאדווה תוך עמ' אני יושב... ק"ק פינטשוב... בשנת והיתה לכם לברית כ'ה'ונת' ע'ול'ם'

חלק ב: ("חדושי גפ"ת על רוב הש"ס... אשר חדשתי עם תלמידיי בני הישיבה") שהמחבר אמר להדפיס לא נדפס כאן.



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