Oẓerot Yosef, R. Joseph Engel, Vienna 1928 (47510)

אוצרות יוסף - First Edition

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Lot Number: 47510
Title (English): Oẓerot Yosef
Title (Hebrew): אוצרות יוסף
Note: First Edition
Author: R. Joseph b. Judah Engel
City: Vienna
Publisher: דפוס "אוניאן" <האחים אפפעל>
Publication Date: 1928
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Physical Description

First edition. [2], 53 ff. octavo, 213:148 mm., usual age staining. A good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.


Detail Description

First edition of theses novellae by the noted Talmudist and halakhist. R. Joseph ben Judah Engel (1859–1920), Polish rabbi and halakhist. Born in Tarnow, after his marriage he settled in Bendin, where his father-in-law lived, and there became famous as one of the greatest of Polish rabbis. In 1906 he was elected av bet din of Cracow and was the virtual chief rabbi of the city, no one being appointed to the position during his tenure of office. At the outbreak of World War I he moved to Vienna where he died. Engel wrote more than 100 works on halakhah, aggadah, and Kabbalah. His works comprise a sort of (mostly alphabetic) encyclopedia and include 30 volumes on Talmud; more than 20 volumes on Kabbalah; and five of responsa, novellae on talmudic themes and on the Shulhan Arukh, and sermons. During his lifetime about 20 of his works were published, but the rest have remained in manuscript. After his death a committee of the friends of Engel was formed in Vienna, with the name "Ohavei Torah," for the purpose of collecting and publishing all his manuscripts. Some of them are in the process of publication, but many others were lost as a consequence of the Holocaust.

The following of his published works are noteworthy: Atvan de-Oraita (1891), giving 27 fundamental principles on talmudic methodology; Beit ha-Oẓar (Pt. 1, 1903; Pt. 2, 1907), on biblical themes, arranged in alphabetical order; Bet Porat, responsa (Pt. 1, 1907; Pt. 2, 1912); Oẓerot Yosef (1921), comprising eight sermons; halakhic novellae on the laws of the sabbatical year as they apply at the present time (1928); and novellae to Shulhan Arukh Yoreh De'ah (1929). His revolutionary interpretation concerning the sabbatical year is noteworthy: even if the sabbatical year applies to modern times, it has only the force of a rabbinical enactment, whereas the mitzvah of settling in Ereẓ Israel is a commandment ordained by the Torah and hence completely abrogates the laws of the sabbatical year, thus making it unnecessary, in order to permit cultivation of the land, to have recourse to the expedient of selling it temporarily to a non-Jew. Additional works are Hoshen Yosef (1945), novellae on the Maharit, and on the Avnei Millu'im of Aryeh Leib ha-Kohen; Gevurot Shemonim (1903), containing 80 solutions to a single problem; and Ziyyunim la-Torah (1904), consisting of 40 pilpulistic discourses. These last works in particular reflect Engel's keen and penetrating intellect. His approach to the Kabbalah is interesting in that he finds a parallel in the Talmud for every kabbalistic idea, and endeavors to demonstrate the close connection between Jewish mysticism and the rational part of the talmudic halakhah and aggadah. Recognized as an outstanding halakhist, he was consulted on halakhic problems by hundreds of rabbis.


Hebrew Description

מאמר לבנה. מאמר דוד. מאת ... מרן יוסף ענגיל זצוקללה"ה.

דף [1, ב - 2, א]: מודעה מאת החברה "אוהבי תורה" בוינה על ספרי המחבר שנדפסו ושנמצאים עדיין בכתב-יד.

דף [2, ב]: [הקדמת] ר’ יצחק מנחם מארגענשטע-רן, חתן המחבר המביא לבית הדפוס.

דף [א]-כט, א: מאמר לבנה, בו ידובר בעזה"י בעניין דברי המקובלים היות החמה בחי’ הת"ת ולבנה בחי’ המלכות ...

דף כט, ב-נג: מאמר דוד ... דחכז"ל הנגלים על היות דוד מרכבת ספי’ המלכות ...



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