Avkat Rokhel, [R. Machir ben Isaac Sar Hasid], Shklov 1795 (47524)

אבקת רוכל - Rare

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Lot Number: 47524
Title (English): Avkat Rokhel
Title (Hebrew): אבקת רוכל
Note: Rare.
Author: [R. Machir ben Isaac Sar Hasid]
City: Shklov
Publisher: Karl Yakovlevich
Publication Date: 1795
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Physical Description

32 ff.,. octavo 160:102 mm., wide margins, light age staining, tear in final touching words. A good copy not bound.

Rare - Early Russian/Polish imprints are rare due to the persecutions and programs which decimated Jewish communities and their possessions. Additionally, due to the censor and his henchmen, few copies of each title were printed in discreet locations and quickly disposed of after press. Most of these imprints were on subpar paper, cheap ink (acidic) and have not survived the test of time well. When a print shop did appear they generally printed small works with few pages so that it be quickly completed and sold. In the opinion of this writer they are scarcer that 16th and 17th century titles.


Detail Description

Popular eschatological work on the principles of faith attributed to Machir ben Isaac Sar Hasid, a student of R. Judah ben Asher, son of the Rosh. Avkat Rokhel is a book in three parts, each further subdivided into additional parts. The work was named Avkat Rokhel (the perfumer=s powders, Song of Songs (3:7) for as the perfumer=s powders strengthen the soul so too when one reads this book will he fear and cause his soul to be pure and free from all sin and transgression, thus meriting the good. The text of the book is in a single column set in small square letters. The first part addresses the struggle against one=s evil urge prior to redemption and the birth pangs and advent of the Messiah, and an explanation of the pertinent midrashim; the second part discusses the rewards and punishments of the soul after the resurrection, the nature of the world to come according to Judaism, in contrast to the views of non-Jews, and resurrection; and the third part the laws stated by the sages of the Talmud as halakhah Moshe me-Sinai, the formation of man and the number 248 limbs in a person, the statement of our sages concerning three partners in that process (God, man, and woman) and some gematriot.


Hebrew Description

שמו של המדפיס באותיות קיריליות.

דף לא,ב-לב: מרגניתא דבי רב. הועתק מתוך ספר שבט מוסר, לר’ אליהו הכהן מאיזמיר, פרק ז. ושם הועתק מתוך ספר אור קדמון, אסף והדפיס ר’ משה חאגיז, ויניציאה תס"ג. נדפס תחילה בשם "מרגניתא של רבי מאיר" בתוך ספר ראשית חכמה, לר’ אליהו די וידאש, ויניציאה של"ט, שער היראה, פרק יב. ‬

"שירי בן חכם" נשמט.

ראינו טופס, על נייר כחול, שקונטרסו הראשון, כולל השער, נדפס בשינויים טיפוגראפיים. הפרט בשער: מג’דיל’ ישוע’ות’ מ’לכו’ ועו’שה חסד למשיחו לדוד ולזרעו עד עולם [תקנ"ה]. ‬



BE alef 286; Heller 16th Cent.; Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000148356