Minhat Ya'akov, R. Jacob Reischer, Fuerth 1763 (47527)

מנחת יעקב

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Lot Number: 47527
Title (English): Minhat Ya'akov
Title (Hebrew): מנחת יעקב
Author: R. Jacob ben Joseph Reischer
City: Fuerth
Publisher: Hayyim ben Zevi Hirsch
Publication Date: 1763
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Physical Description

[2], 45, [2], 46-58, [1], 62-65, [7], 87-108 (should say 109); ]39[ ff. folio 311:185 mm., nice margins, light age and damp staining, stamps, old hands. A good copy loose in later boards, rubbed.


Detail Description

Two part elucidation of R. Moses Isserles’ (Rema) Torat ha-Hattat and of the Shulhan Arukh, Hilkhot Niddah and R. Shabbetai ben Meir ha-Kohen’s (Shakh, 1621-62) Kunteres ha-Sefekot by R. Jacob ben Joseph Reischer (Jacob Backofen; c. 1670–1733). Minhat Ya’akov, R. Reischer’s first published work, is in two parts, each with its own title page. The attractive title page, which has the printer’s mirror image monogram pressmark, of Minhat Ya’akov states that it is a comprehensive practical commentary to the Torat ha-Hattat (on Issur ve-Hetter (dietary laws)) of the Rema, which now lies neglected because of its brevity and the complexity of its subject matter. It also deals with the laws of niddah, sefek sefeka, and includes responsa, for, “sin lies at the door, crouching between two burdens” (cf. Genesis 4:7, 49:14), resolving difficulties and addressing questions from earlier and later sources. There are introductions for Torat ha-Hattat and from R. Reicher, Next are approbations from R. Samuel Heilman, R. Isaac Zeckel Ethausen, and R. Nathaniel Ashkenazi Weil, an introductory paragraph from R. Reischer’s father-in=law, verse from his father, and a lsit of abbreviations. The text of Minhat Ya’akov is comprised of Torat ha-Hattat in square letters and Minhat Ya;akov in rabbinic letters. It is followed by Torat ha-Shelamim is on Yoreh De’ah Hilkhot Niddah (nos. 183-96) and Kunteres ha-Sefekot.

R. Reischer was born in Prague to a distinguished rabbinic family, and studied there under R. Aaron Simeon Spira and then under Spira’s son R. Benjamin Wolf, marrying the latter’s daughter. He served as dayyan in Prague and afterwards in Rzeszow, Galicia. The name Reischer derives from the fact that his family came from that location, rather than, as is erroneously believed, because he officiated in the rabbinate of that city. R. Reischer also served as av bet din and rosh yeshivah in Ansbach, in Worms, and from 1718, held those positions in Metz. He was also the author of Hok Ya’akov / Solet le-Minhah ve-Shemen le-Minhah (Dessau, 1696), the former on Hilkhot Pesah, the latter an addenda to this work; Shevut Ya’kov, responsa (I Halle, 1710, with the novellae Pe’er Ya’akov; II Offenbach, 1711, with a discourse on migo and sefek sefeka; and III Metz, 1789, with a response to criticism of his earlier works); and Iyyun Ya’akov (Wilhelmsdorf, 1729), on the Ein Ya’akov (Wilhelmsdorf, 1729).

Hebrew Descriptionm

  ... הוספנו (ספר סולת למנחה) מהדורא בתרא (אשר עשה הרב ... המחבר על ספריו ספר מנחת יעקב ותורת השלמים) ... וגם (הגהות) באיזה מקומן של שבחים (בשם שמן למנחה) מבן המחבר (ר' שמעון נר"ו) ... (חלק א-ב). שנת י'ו'ר'ו' משפ'ט'יך ל'י'ע'ק'ב' ותורתך לישראל

39] דף, עם שער מיוחד: חלק שני ספר תורת השלמים ... שנת ויקם עדות בי'ע'ק'ב' ותורה ש'ם' בישרא'ל [תקכ"ג]. דף [34-39]: ספר סולת למנחה ושמן למנחה. נדפס דף על דף לפי ההוצאה הראשונה, פראג תמ"ט, עם הקדמות בעל תורת חטאת ובעל מנחת יעקב ועם הסכמת ר' בנימין וואלף שפירא (ההסכמה השניה) ו"דברי אבי המחבר", ובתוספת סולת למנחה ושמן למנחה. ההוצאה הבאה: פולנאה תקס"ד. "סולת למנחה" עם שמן למנחה, נדפס תחילה באמשטרדם תנ"ו.

הסכמות: ר' שמואל הילמן, מיץ, יא טבת תקכ"ג;

ר' יצחק זעקיל עטהוזין, פפערש', כה טבת תקכ"ג;

ר' נתנאל אשכנזי ווייל, קארלסרוא, ראש-חודש טבת תקכ"ג.



BE mem 2364; Heller 17th Cent.; Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000120571