Sefer ha-Mevakkesh, R. Shem Tov ibn Falaquera, [Koenigsberg 1858] (47546)

ספר המבקש

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Lot Number: 47546
Title (English): Sefer ha-Mevakkesh
Title (Hebrew): ספר המבקש
Author: R. Shem Tov ibn Falaquera
City: [Koenigsberg]
Publication Date: [1858]
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Physical Description

104 pp., octavo, 181:120 mm., damp and age staining, nice margins. A very good copy bound in modern buckrum over boards.

Detail Description

Written by the Author when he was approximately 38, he expanded upon the material treated in his Reshit Hokhmah and rewrote it in the form of a maqama, entitled Ha-Mevakkesh (first ed. The Hague, 1778). In this work a young student (ha-mevakkesh; "the seeker") debates with people of various types in order to gain clarification of the road he must take. Following the advice of a philosophically trained scholar, he studies mathematics, astronomy, music, logic, and natural science. However, he is not content until he has studied metaphysics.

R. Shem Tov b. Joseph ibn Falaquera (c. 1225–1295), philosophical author and translator. Little is known about his life. Born in Spain, it appears that he lived in the border provinces of Spain and France. He was a prolific writer, well versed in Islamic and Greek philosophy. His writings are representative of the scientific and philosophic thought of the Jews of his time. Over 15 of his works have been published.


Hebrew Description

כתב ... הרב שם טוב בן פאלקירא ... לדעת ... איזה דרך שיבור לו האדם ... מבקש ה' ... כמוס עמדי ... עד בואי הנה ... נתתיו לכהן ... ר' בנימין מעלי הכהן נר"ו ... למען דפוס ... אנכי ... מרדכי תמה ...

בשער: האג, בשנת מבקש יי אשרהו [תקל"ח]. הועתק עם נוסח השער מן ההוצאה הראשונה ועם שם המדפיס וההסכמות. כאן תוקנו טעויות הדפוס הרבות שחלו בהוצאה הראשונה.


Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000106458