Et le-Daber, Kahal Sephardim, Sighet 1886 (47561)

עת לדבר - Only Edition - Polemic

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Lot Number: 47561
Title (English): Et le-Daber
Title (Hebrew): עת לדבר
Note: Only Edition - Polemic
Author: Kahal Sephardim
City: Sighet
Publication Date: 1886
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Physical Description

folio, [3] ff. 340:240 mm., nice margins, usual light age staining. A very good copy bound as issued


Detail Description

Response of the “Sephardic” (liberal elements of the [Neolog] community) to the opposition of heads of the Orthodox community in Sighet. The two communities issued strong and bitter denunciations of their opponents over their contrasting religious positions. Et le-Daber begins that the hearts of community in Sighet, which had been called a righteous community from the time that it was founded, is now divided. For three years they have refrained from responding to those who hate peace and have referred to us odiously and slandered us in the eyes of Israel. It states that the tree of silence bears fruit of peace. It continues that after three years the eyes of the community look for a response. After this introduction Et le-Daber is comprised of correspondence related to and bemoaning the dispute from prominent rabbis, namely R. Ezekiel Shraga Halberstam (three entries), R. Samuel Engel, R. Zevi Hirsch Orenstein, R. Issachar ha-Levi Horwitz, R. Isaac Aaron Etinga, and R. Isaac Shelkish


Hebrew Description

מאז נחלק לבב יושבי עירינו (על דברי ריבות... בעניני תקנות הקהילה)... זה כשלש שנים... החרשנו... האמנם אחרי... כי מנגדינו... באדרת שם ארטהאדאקסען... חמסו... לאמור כי... אין הפצינו להתחבר... את יראי ה’... מאגודת הארטהאדאקסען... עצור לא נוכל מלפרסם ברבים הסיבה... (בירח מנחם-[אב] התרמ"ו קהל ספרדים דק"ק סיגעט).

בלא שער

כולל גם מכתבי רבנים.



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000153970