Mikhtav Galui, Kahal Adat Yera’im, Sighet 1886 (47562)

מכתב גלוי אל נשיאי ישראל - Only Edition - Polemic

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Lot Number: 47562
Title (English): Mikhtav Galui
Title (Hebrew): מכתב גלוי אל נשיאי ישראל
Note: Only Edition - Polemic
Author: Kahal Adat Yera’im
City: Sighet
Publisher: (דפוס גאטטליעב & ווידער)
Publication Date: 1886
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Physical Description

Only edition. quarto, 33, [2] pp. 250:195 mm., nice margins, usual light age staining. A very good copy bound as issued.


Detail Description

Strong polemic from the heads of the Orthodox community in Sighet against the Neologs (Reform movement in Hungary). The development of the Reform movement in Hungary resulted in a strong response from traditional circles, expressed in Mikhtav Galui. The title is followed by the statement that it is addressed to the leaders of the Jewish community, those who are understanding and sages, geonim, who stand in the breach, g-d forbis, for length of days and years. The text follows beginning that do you not know, have you not heard, that the gavel, the sound of war began in the year 1869. It continues, referring to the fact that the Jewish community of Sighet community had joined the organization of Hungarian Orthodox communities in 1883, there was considerable disagreement with the liberal elements, who subsequently later founded their “Sephardi community.” Mikhtav Galui is a historical and polemic document recording the position of the Orthodox community when it was challenged by the nascent reform movement at what became a contentious moment in the life of Hungarian Jewry. Mikhtav Galui is comprised of letters by numerous eminent leaders of the Orthodox community, among them R. Hayyim Zevi Manheimer, R. Joel Zevi Ratta, R. Joshua Aaron Zevi Wilheimer, and R. Moses Nathan ha-Levi.


Hebrew Description

... גאונים וצדיקים... גודרי גדר ועומדים בפרץ ([מאת]... מנהלי קהל עדת יראים ארטהאדאקסען בעיר סיגוט)...

בלא שער

על מחלוקת בין שתי קהילות בעיר סיגט, אם להצטרף לארגון הקהילות האורטודוכסיות של הונגאריה. עם מכתבים מרבני אונגאריה וגאליציה נגד הפירוד. עיין: נ’ בן-מנחם, מספרות ישראל באונגאריה, ירושלים תשי"ח, עמ’ 111-112, מס’ 15. ‬

יש טפסים בהם נוסף, לאחר תום ההדפסה, דף נוסף בסוף.



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000153971