Ge’on Ya’akov: Yashresh Ya’akov, Lemberg 1863 (47565)

גאון יעקב: ישרש יעקב - First Edition

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Lot Number: 47565
Title (English): Ge’on Ya’akov: Yashresh Ya’akov
Title (Hebrew): גאון יעקב: ישרש יעקב
Author: . Jacob ben Abraham Kahana; R. Solomon ben Jacob Drimmer of Skola
City: Lemberg
Publisher: Flecker; Pessel Balaban
Publication Date: 1863
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Physical Description

folio, [2], 58, [1]; [1], 136, [1] ff. 365: 235 mm. nice margins, usual light age staining. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.


Detail Description

Two independent works, both published in the same year and in the same city. The first title is Ge’on Ya’akov, comprehensive novellae on tractate Eruvin by R. Jacob ben Abraham Kahana, the second Yashresh Ya’akov, hiddushei halakhot and aggadot on tractate Yevamot by R. Solomon ben Jacob Drimmer of Skola. Ge’on Ya’akov has approbations from R. Joseph Saul ha-Levi Nathansohn and R. Bezalel ben Israel of Vilna, followed by an introduction from R. Raphael Nathan Nata Rabbinovicz who published thework. The text is a detailed and comprehensive work on tractate Eruvin.

R. Jacob ben Abraham Kahana (d. 1826) was a rabbinical scholar in Vilna. His father was rabbi at Brestowitz in the province of Grodno. Supported by his father-in-law, R. Issachar Baer, the brother of R. Elijah of Vilna and one of the prominent rabbis of that town, he devoted himself to study. On the death of his father-in-law, he was appointed by the communal leaders of Vilna as trustee of the local charities. He is the author of a commentary in three parts on tractate Eruvin: on the tractate in the Babylonian Talmud, the Tosefta, and the Jerusalem Talmud respectively. Each section has a different title but the whole work was given the general title Ge'on Ya'akov. R. Kahana occupied no rabbinical position, but was held in the highest esteem.

The second work is Yashresh Ya’akov by R. Solomon ben Jacob Drimmer of Skola (1800-72). There is an introduction from the author immediately followed by the text. Yashresh Ya’akov is a thorough and in-depth work on Yevamot.


Hebrew Description

גאון יעקב... חידושי מס’ עירובין... חברו הרב... מוה’ יעקב כהנא זצללה"ה מק"ק ווילנא בן להרב... מוה’ אברהם כהנא זצ"ל אב"ד מברעסטיץ חתן... מוה’ שאול [לעווענשטאם] זצ"ל אב"ד באמשטרדאם. העתקתיו מכתיבת יד... המחבר... וסדרתיו...וגם נתתיו לבית הדפוס רפאל נתן נטע במהו’ שלמה זלקינד הי"ו ראבינאוויטץ...

ספירת דפים משובשת.

[1] דף (בסוף הספר): קונטרס זכרון יוסף; ביאור שיטת בין השמשות הנמצא בידי מכתבי... מוה’ יוסף זצללה"ה בהרב... ישראל איסר זצ"ל מווילקאמיר... הנני מציב לו יד בשלהי הס’... תלמידו רפאל נתן נטע. ‬

ישרש יעקב...  חידושי הלכות ואגדרת על מסכת יבמות אשר ... חברתי אנכי ... שלמה אבד"ק סקאלא. בהחסיד ... ר’ יעקב ז"ל מילידי עיר נדבורנא ...



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000141011; 000118372; BE gimel 32, yod 1157; EJ