Toldot Bet Yosef, R. Hayyim Joseph Issar ha-Levi Johannesburg, South Africa 1943 (47568)

תולדות בית יוסף - First Edition

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Lot Number: 47568
Title (English): Toldot Bet Yosef
Title (Hebrew): תולדות בית יוסף
Note: First Edition
Author: R. Hayyim Joseph Issar ben Isaac Aryeh ha-Levi Gad
City: Johannesburg, South Africa
Publisher: (Rostra printing)
Publication Date: 1943
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

First edition, folio, [iv], 139, [15] pp. 265:200 mm., nice margins, lightdamp & age staining. A good copy bound in cloth over boards.


Detail Description

First volume of the first edition of this discursive commentary on the weekly Torah readings by R. Hayyim Joseph Issar ben Isaac Aryeh ha-Levi Gad. The title-page describes Toldot Bet Yosef as explanations, valued and more desirable than fine gold and pearls which I have selected from old and classical invaluable works and old manuscripts. It informs that R. Gad was born in Kovno and is currently in Johannesburg, S. A. There are approbations from preeminent rabbis, R. Isaac Eisek ha-Levi Herzog, R. Zevi Pesah Frank, R. Moses Rom, R. Issar Zalman Meltzer, R. Meir Solvitz, R. Jacob Moses Harlap, R. Simeon Aaron Polansky, and R. Kosovitsky. Next is the author’s introduction followed by the text which in this volume, is on Sefer Bereshit. The volume opens with an attractive large foldout map of the wanderings and settlement of the tribes of Israel.


Hebrew Description

פירוש על התורה ועל פי דרך הדרש. באורים ולקוטים ... אשר לקטתי מספרים ... ומכתבי יד עתיקים, מאת הרב ... חיים יוסף איסר בר’ יצחק אריה הלוי ז"ל לבית גד יליד קובנה <ליטא>, כעת ביוהניסבורג <דרום אפריקה > ... חלק א - ב.

חלק א: על בראשית - לך לך. תש"ד (1943). XV, קלט, V עמ’.



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000123564; BE tav 226