Le-Palgot Yisrael be-Ungaria, R. Jekutiel Judah Greenwald, Deva 1929 (47571)

לפלגות ישראל באונגאריא - First Edition

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Lot Number: 47571
Title (English): Le-Palgot Yisrael be-Ungaria
Title (Hebrew): לפלגות ישראל באונגאריא
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. Jekutiel Judah Greenwald (Grunwald)
City: Deva
Publisher: דפוס מארקאוויטש עט פריעדמאנן
Publication Date: 1871
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Physical Description

Only edition, 108, [2] pp.230:150 mm., nice margins, light damp & age staining. A good copy not bound.


Detail Description

R. Jekutiel Judah Greenwald (Grunwald, 1889–1955)was a U.S. rabbi and scholar. Born in Hungary, R. Greenwaldstudied in yeshivot in that country and in Frankfurt on the Main under Nehemiah Nobel . In 1924 he settled in the United States, where he was the rabbi of Orthodox congregations in New York and of Congregation Beth Jacob in Columbus, Ohio, where he served for the last three decades of his life. Neither a great orator nor skilled pastor, Greenwald was a prolific writer and regarded as an authority on Jewish law and history. He wrote numerous monographs and articles in Hungarian, Yiddish, and Hebrew, was especially interested in rabbinic authorities and Jewish communities of Hungary, on which he wrote Ha-Yehudim be-Ungarya (1913) and Toyznt Yor Idish Lebn in Ungarn (1945). His work Le-Toledot ha-Reformaẓyon ha-Datit be-Germanyah uve-Ungarya (1948) is a history of the Reform movement in Germany and Hungary (this work contains a bibliography of Greenwald's work up to 1948 and an evaluation by C. Bloch, 1–28, second pagination). In addition to He also wrote works on the history of the Sanhedrin and biographies of leading rabbis, such as Joseph Caro and Moses Sofer. In the latter category are Beit Yehonatan (1908) about R. Jonathan Eybeschuetz , and Toledot Mishpaḥat Rosenthal (1920) about the Rosenthal family, which included several rabbis. Greenwald compiled an important manual of traditional laws and rites of mourning, Kol-Bo Avelut (3 vols., 1947–52).


Hebrew Description

בו יאמר על-דבר מצב התורה בארץ-אונגאריא, מלחמות היראים בבעלי-הריפורם, המחלוקות בין הקהלות ובין הרבנים, המרד בשנת ה’תר"ח והיהודים וסבת החלקם באונגאריא לשתי מפלגות. ובסוף הספר קונטרס זכר צדיק ... לזכר ... אבי מורי (מו"ה יעקב זצ"ל) ... מאת יקותיאל יהודה גרינוואלד רב בעיר קאלומבוס אהייא ...



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000117925; BE lamed 530: EJ