Igeret ha-Temunot, Joseph Sapak the Karaite, Odessa 1869 (47577)

אגרת התמונות - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 47577
Title (English): Igeret ha-Temunot
Title (Hebrew): אגרת התמונות
Note: Only Edition -
Author: Joseph ben Moses Sapak the Karaite
City: Odessa
Publisher: דפוס מ.א. בעלינסאן
Publication Date: 1869
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Physical Description

Only edition, octavo, [5], 40, [2] pp. 210:135 mm, nice margins, light damp & age staining. A good copy bound in the original wrappers.


Detail Description

Only edition of this work on logic by Joseph Sapak. This is a pristine copy, several of the pages are still uncut. There are three title-pages, beginning with a half title-page, a title-page that outlines the purpose of the book, to give a brief but incisive introduction to syllogisms and specifically on logic in detail, so that young students who desire to earn the rules of logic in a succinct manner. This is repeated on the third title-page which gives publication information in Hebrew and Cyrillic. There is an introduction followed by the text in twenty-nine concise instructive paragraphs. Igeret ha-Temunpt haws blue wrappers, the front wrapper in Hebrew the back wrapper in Cyrillic.

Karaite Judaism or Karaism is a Jewish religious movement characterized by the recognition of the Tanakh alone as its supreme authority in Halakha (Jewish religious law) and theology. It is distinct from mainstream Rabbinic Judaism, which considers the Oral Torah, as codified in the Talmud and subsequent works, to be authoritative interpretations of the Torah. Karaites maintain that all of the divine commandments handed down to Moses by God were recorded in the written Torah without additional Oral Law or explanation. As a result, Karaite Jews do not accept as binding the written collections of the oral tradition in the Midrash or Talmud.


Hebrew Description

  באור קצר ... על מיני ההקשים ... ועל התמונות ... לתועלת התלמידים ... החושקים ללמוד מלאכת ההגיון בקצור מפלג, מאת יוסף סאפאק מבני מקרא ..

שער נוסף (על המעטפת השמאלית), באותיות קיריליות:

Igerret Gatmunit [!], t. e. tolkovanie o logikie. Sochinenie Iosifa Sapaka ...

שלושה שערים. שניים קצרים.

כולל כט לימודים.



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000153102; BE alef 582