Maʻadane Melekh, R. Asher Isaiah ben Meir Horowitz, Ungvar 1914;13 (47581)

ספר מעדני מלך - First Edition - Hasidic - No copy NLI

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Lot Number: 47581
Title (English): Maʻadane Melekh
Title (Hebrew): ספר מעדני מלך
Note: First Edition - Hasidic - No copy NLI
Author: R. Asher Isaiah ben Meir Horowitz
City: Ungvar
Publisher: M. Blayer
Publication Date: 1914; 1913
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

First edition, quarto, [2], 71; [1], 39, [1] ff. 210:190 ff. nice margins, light damp & age staining. A good copy bound in later boards, rubbed.

No copy NLI


Detail Description

First edition of this two-part popular commentary on the weekly parasha by R. Asher Isaiah ben Meir Horowitz. The first part, on Bereshit and Shemot was printed in 1914, the second part, on the other books of the Torah was printed in the preceding year. Each volume has its own title page. The title-page describes R. Horowitz qas av bet din of Romanov and resident of Cracow, and as the son of the zaddik of Mediskov, author of Imrei Emet. There is an introduction to the volume on Bereshit and Shemot where R. Horowitz writes that he was requested to publish his hiddushei Torah this despite the fact that he had beside him other works on treifus and responsa. He has entitled the work Maʻadane Melekh as in the verse “Out of Asher his bread shall be fat, and he shall yield royal dainties (Maʻadane Melekh” (Genesis 49:20).

R. Asher Isaiah ben Meir Horowitz was from the Hassidic dynasty of Rupschitz and was the son-in-law of R. Joseph ben Zevi Hirsch of Romanov. R. Horowitz succeeded his father-in-law as theadmor of Romamnov. Before 1904 he relocated to Cracow and during World War I he resided in Vienna, afterwards he remained in Vienna but travelled to see his Hasidim in Galicia , subsequently returning to Cracow. R. Horowitz is considered one of the preeminent rabbis of Poland during the war, and having sustained thousands of Hassidim at that time. Maʻadane Melekh is his best known work.


Hebrew Description

ספר מזכרת לגדולי אוסטרהא : ... תולדות גאונים אב"ד ר"מ מ"מ ... יושבי יעב"ץ בקלויז הגדולה ... ושמות הספרים שחברו דיינים, פו"מ, חסידים ואנשי ... אנשי שם שהיו בעיר אוסטרהא קרוב לארבע מאות שנה עם העתקת ... מצבותיהם ... מבוא העיר כולל סדר ומשטר הק הלה, החברות ... העתק צוואות ... כתבי רבנות ... מעט מקורות היהודים פה, ספורים / אשר ספרו לי ... ועוד דברים עתיקים ... אנכי ... מנחם מענדיל בן ... אריה ליבוש ביבער.



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