Shabat u-Moʻed, R. Isaac ben Saul Koussevitzky-Shahor, Jerusalem 1946 (47587)

שבת ומועד - First Edition - Signed by Author

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Lot Number: 47587
Title (English): Shabat u-Moʻed
Title (Hebrew): שבת ומועד
Note: First Edition - Signed by Author
Author: R. Isaac ben Saul Koussevitzky-Shahor
City: Jerusalem
Publisher: Diskin
Publication Date: 1946
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Physical Description

First edition, quarto, [3], 7, [4], 340, [1] pp. 240:160 mm., nice margins, light damp & age staining. A good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.

Dedication by Author on title in ink.


Detail Description

Only edition of these discourses on the weekly Torah readings by R. Isaac ben Saul Koussevitzky (1878-1951) Rav Agudat Kehilot Johannesburg. This part on Bereishit and Shemot and the festivals that occur during the readings of those parashat. Part two was printed two years later in 1948. The verso of the title-page notes that Shabat u-Moʻed was printed in Palestine, that is two years prior to the founding of the state of Israel. Next is a page with two lines of verse, the first “And Isaac went out to meditate in the field” (Genesis 24:63), the second “‘to meditate’ language of prayer ‘and pours out his complaint’ (Psalms 102:1) Bereshit Rabba and Rashi there.” Nest is a preface, a dedication to R. Koussevitzky-Shahor’s brother R.  Ze’ev Wolf in New York, and a table of contents. The discourses, in order by parasha with subjects, for example, Bereishit has three discourses Milhama ve Shalom, Zedaka ve-Shalom, Zedakah shelo le-shama, Noah with one discourse Birkat ha-Yain, and so for the rest of the sefer. Parasha Toledot is on shabbat Teshuva and Mekatz on Nes Hanukkah. Shemot is arranged similarly, with three discourses on bo but one only on most of the others. The sicourses are detailed but clearly written.


Hebrew Description


BE shun 437