Letter by Admor of Skulen, Bohusi, Sadgora,Tel Aviv 1975 (47668)

מכתב מהאדמו"ר מסקולעני, מבוהוש, מסדגורה - Hasidic - Manuscript

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Lot Number: 47668
Title (English): Letter by Admor of Skulen, Bohusi, Sadgora
Title (Hebrew): מכתב מהאדמו"ר מסקולעני, מבוהוש, מסדגורה
Note: Hasidic - Manuscript
City: Tel Aviv
Publication Date: 1975
Estimated Price: $1,000.00 USD - $2,000.00 USD


Physical Description

$5 bill, 1963 series, creased, inscription in red ink on face.


Detail Description

Letter signed by:

R. Eliezer Zusha Portugal (1896-1982), the Skulener Rebbe, was the Hasidic Rebbe from a small town, Sculeni, in what was then northeastern Romania (now Ukraine). He remained in Romania after WW II and suffered numerous imprisonments and hardships from the Romanian Communist regime for his activities on behalf of his brethren in Communist countries. After much hardship he was allowed to immigrate to the United States in the sixties - where he renewed his efforts on behalf of Romanian Jews. Many wonderful stories of the Rebbe's simplicity, honesty, and concern for fellow Jews abound and are frequently retold - his disciples attribute numerous miracles to this great Jew. This holy and righteous man is interred in Monsey, NY and his gravesite attracts thousands of visitors who come to pray and seek the Rebbe's intervention in the Almighty's realm.

R. Isaac Friedman (1903-1992), Admor of Bohusi Bnai Berak. He was born in Spikov, the son of R. Sholom Yosef. In 1926, he married his cousin, Yoheved Feige, the daughter of R. Menahem Mendel of Bohusi. He was ordained by R. Bezalel Safran and R. Judah Leib Zirelson. After the Russian revolution, he and his family endured the pogroms of Petlura. His father and his mother died from typhus, and in 1920, he succeeded his father.  In 1930, he settled in Bucharest, where he opened his own Bet HaMidrash. He devoted all his energies, particularly during the Second World War, to helping the refugees from Poland. In 1951, he settled in Tel Aviv, and in 1988, be moved to Bnai Berak, where he opened the Bohusi-Puscan Bet HaMidrash and established yeshiva Or Shragai Yuzhak for young people. He also maintained a small kollel and was very popular, especially with the large contingent of Romanian Jews. He was a people's rebbe rather than a scholar's rebbe, He was survived by an only daughter, Sboshanah Sheindel Sarah, who married R. Israel Joseph Friedman. The rebbe passed on in Arosa , Switzerland, and was interred in the Ruzhyner plot in Nahlat Yitzhak, Tel Aviv.

R. Mordecai Shalom Joseph Friedmann (1897–1979), Admor of Sadgora. He was the last Admor of the Sadgora dynasty who, after serving as admor in Sadgora and Przemzyl, settled in Tel Aviv in 1939. He was the author of Keneset Mordekhai.


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