Reshit Bikurim, R. Hanokh Henokh b. Judah Leib, Frankfurt on the Main 1708 (47857)

ראשית בכורים - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 47857
Title (English): Reshit Bikurim
Title (Hebrew): ראשית בכורים
Note: Only Edition
Author: R. Hanokh Henokh ben Judah Leib
City: Frankfurt on the Main
Publisher: Maṭiyas Andrei
Publication Date: 1708
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Physical Description

Only edition. quarto, 68 ff. 197:155 mm. light age and damp staining, nice margins, title extended in lower and inner margin. A good copy bound in modern full leather over boards, tooled in blind. Without the corrigendum f. as usual.


Detail Description

Only edition of these discourses on Shabbat and festivals by R. Hanokh Henokh (Enoch) ben Judah Leib with additional discourses from his father and grandfather. The title-page informs that it is discourses and explanations on the Torah from Bereshit through ve-Zot ha-Berachah “sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb” (Psalms 19:12). Reshit Bikurim has approbations from R. Sheftel Segal, R. Naftali Katz, R. David Oppenheim, R. Abraham Rosh Mesivta Prague, R. Menahem Mendel of Bomberg, R. Issachar Berman, R. Samuel Katz, and R. Simeon Segal. There are introductions from the author and from his son R. JudahLeib. At the end of the book are indexes of the derashot. An interesting facet of the title-page is that it informs in large letters that it was printed with Amsterdam letters and in slightly smaller letters that the place of publication was Frankfurt, a common practice at the time because of the high regard for Frankfurt imprints.

R. Hanokh Henokh (Enoch) ben Judah Leib (d. after 1662) was a talmudist and preacher. In 1649, after having served as preacher in Cracow, he left for Gnesen where he was appointed rabbi. He afterward became dayyan at Posen. As a result of the suffering and poverty caused by the Chmielnicki rebellion (1648–49), R. Hanokh left Poland and settled at Oettingen (Germany) where he was appointed rabbi, remaining there, probably until his death. His works, published posthumously, are Vikku'aḥ Yosef ve-ha-Shevatim (Amsterdam, 1680), an attempt to exonerate Joseph's brothers; Reshit Bikkurim Berit Olam, homilies on the Bible; and novellae on the Tur Oraḥ Ḥayyim. Some of his responsa, together with those of his son Judah and his grandson, appear in Ḥinnukh Beit Yehudah (1708).


Hebrew Description

  ... דרשות וביאורים על פסוקי תורתינו... בדרך דרש... והרבה מדרשים ומאמרי זוהר מבוארים בו בדרך הקבלה. וביאורי הרבה מאמרים... בגמרא ירושלמי ובבלי... ומדרך חיים ותוכחת מוסר בלולה... ודרש התשובה... אשר נתחבר מרבנים... חלק א, חבור... ר’ חנוך בן הרב... אברהם דיין זצ"ל מפוזנן, חתן הרב... בק"ק ווירמש... ר’ יצחק אייזק גינצבורג ... נכד... כמר שמעון גינצבורג. וחלק ב, נתחבר מספרו של בנו הרב... יהודא ליב זצ"ל שהי’ אב"ד בק"ק פפערשי והמדינה. נעשה ע"י בן בנו... ר’ חנוך העניך נר"ו אשר ישב על כסא הוראה בק"ק שנייטך... עם הנופך שהוסיף מדליה, ח"ג [חלק ג] ... באותיות אמשטרדם...

דף כו-כט (בין חלק א לחלק ב): "תוכחה מגולה", דברי מוסר והנהגות טובות שחיבר "אדם גדול בישראל... העלים שמו מלרשום בספר" (בעיקר בקורת על הנעשה באשכנז). ‬

הדף האחרון (דף [1]) הוא "לוח הטעות". דף זה חסר ברוב הטפסים.



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