Fragment of Mishne Torah, Yemen 17th Century (47874)

משנה תורה - Manuscript

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Lot Number: 47874
Title (English): Fragment of Mishne Torah
Title (Hebrew): משנה תורה
Note: Manuscript
City: Yemen
Publication Date: 17th cent.
Estimated Price: $500.00 USD - $1,000.00 USD
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Physical Description:

[10] ff., 298:210 mm. ink on heavy paper, usual light age and damp staining,heavy worming, neat Yemenite block letters, not bound.


Detailed Description:   

The Mishneh Torah of the Rambam with commentaries. The purpose of the work is explained by the Rambam in the introduction:

"In our days, many vicissitudes prevail, and all feel the pressure of hard times. The wisest of our wise men has disappeared; the understanding of our prudent men is hidden. Hence, the commentaries of the geonim and their compilations of laws and responsa, which they took care to make clear, have in our times become hard to understand, so that only a few individuals fully comprehend them. Needless to add that such is the case in regard to Talmud itself, both Babylonian and Jerusalem, and the Sifra, Sifrei, and Tosefta, all of which require, for their comprehension, a broad mind, a wise soul, and considerable study. Then one might learn from them the correct way to determine what is forbidden and permitted, as well as other rules of the Torah. On these grounds, I, Moses the son of Maimon the Sephardi bestirred myself, and relying on the help of G-d, blessed be He, intently studied all these works, with the view of putting together the results obtained from them... all in plain language and terse style, so that thus the entire Oral Law might become systematically known to all without citing difficulties and solutions of differences of view... but consisting of statements, clear and convincing, that have appeared from the time of Moses to the present, so that all rules shall be accessible to young and old... "(introduction to ).

The breath and scope of this work reflects that for hundreds of years the Yemenite Jewish communities followed their traditional ways of secular and religious life, not being influenced by external trends and currents. Some customs in the Yemenite prayer rites go back to the prayer book of R. Saadiah Ga'on. From the 16th century on the Kabbalah and especially later its Lurianic school and system found its way to Yemen and influenced Jewish literary production in the areas of commentaries to the Bible, prayers, and liturgic poetry. All of this rich history is reflected in this work.


Hebrew Description: