Luhot Zikkaron, Hayyim Dov Ber Friedberg, Frankfurt am Main 1904 (47899)

לוחות זכרון

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Lot Number: 47899
Title (English): Luhot Zikkaron
Title (Hebrew): לוחות זכרון
Note: First Edition
Author: Hayyim Dov Ber Friedberg
City: Frankfurt am Main
Publisher: (S. L. Deutscher, Podgorze)
Publication Date: 1904
Estimated Price: $200.00 USD - $500.00 USD
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Physical Description

Revised and improved edition. VIII, 122, 14 pp., octavo, 200:130 mm., usual age staining, loose, not bound.


Detail Description

Biographies of the Cracow rabbinate and their tombstones by Hayyim Dov Ber Friedberg (1876–1961). He was born in Cracow, and in 1900 moved to Frankfort, where he worked for the publisher and bookseller Isaac Kauffmann. In 1904 he set up his own firm and by 1906 had published two catalogs; in the same year he and J. Saenger founded the publishing house of Saenger and Friedberg. In 1910 the partnership broke up, and Friedberg entered the diamond trade, moving to Antwerp. When the Nazis occupied Belgium, he lost his valuable library and all his papers. In 1946 he settled in Tel Aviv, continuing to deal in diamonds but with his heart in books and his bibliographical and genealogical researches. Beginning in 1896 Friedberg published in Hebrew a number of biographies, among them, in addition to this work, Shabbetai Kohen (1898), and Nathan Spira (1899); family histories, e.g., Schor (1901), Landau (1905), and Horowitz (1911, 1928); and a study on the old Jewish cemetery of Cracow, Luhot Zikkaron (1897, 1904, 1969). Friedberg's first bibliographical effort was a history of Hebrew printing in Cracow, Ha-Defus ha-Ivri be-Cracow (1900), followed by a similar study on Lublin, Le-Toledot ha-Defus ha-Ivri be-Lublin (1901). In 1932 he began publishing a series of works on the history of Hebrew printing, Toledot ha-Defus ha-Ivri; the series included volumes on Poland (1932, 19502); on Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and the Orient (1934, 19562); on Central Europe (1935); and on Western Europe (1937). His greatest achievement was his bibliographical lexicon Beit Eked Sefarim (1 vol., 1928–31; 4 vols., 1951–562, the second edition listing Hebrew books published by 1950). Friedberg's works are are indispensable bibliographical reference books.


Hebrew Description

ספר כולל תולדות רבני העיר קראקא, קורות חכמיה, פרנסיה וטובי העדה, מאמצע המאה השלישית לאלף הנכחי עד ימינו אלה, בצרוף העתקות ציוני קברותיהם. עם הערות הנוגעות לקורות היהודים במדינות פולניא ואשכנז, מאת חיים דובעריש פריעדבערג מקראקא.

הוצאה שניה עם הוספות ותקונים...



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