Seder Tephilot, Verona 1828 (47905)

סדר תפלות - Liturgy - Italian Rite

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Lot Number: 47905
Title (English): Seder Tephilot
Title (Hebrew): סדר תפלות
Note: Liturgy - Italian Rite
Author: R. Moses Shalom Stuhl
City: Verona
Publisher: Libantea
Publication Date: 1828
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Physical Description

Quarto, 101 ff., 180:120 mm., nice margins, light age and use staining. A very good copy bound in contemporary quarter leather boards, rubbed.


Detailed Description   

Liturgies for the entire year following the Italian Rite. Originally called the Minhag Romi, later the Italian rite, which with the expansion of Roman Jewry became widely established in Italy and in one or two places overseas and was the parent of the Ashkenazi rite. The formulation of this is associated with the name of R. Menahem b. Solomon b. Isaac (12th cent.), author of the popular Midrash Sekhel Tov. The rite, also called Minhag ha-Lo'azim, is in use in Rome, in the interior of Italy, in a few communities in Salonika and Constantinople, and also in the Italian synagogue in Jerusalem.


Hebrew Description  

כפי מנהג... איטאליאני. נדפס לתשוקת הנערים אחים אשכנזים בר שמעון נכדי הגביר שלמה אהרן הכהן נר"ו



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000306953; S. D. Luzzatto, Mavo le-Mahzor Benei Roma (new edition, with supplement by D. Goldshmidt and a bibliography of the printed mahzor and siddur by J. J. Cohen, Tel Aviv, 1966)