Maʻarekhet ha-Domem, Joshua Syrkin, Leipzig 1869 (47909)

מערכת הדומם - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 47909
Title (English): Maʻarekhet ha-Domem
Title (Hebrew): מערכת הדומם
Note: Only Edition
Author: Joshua Syrkin
City: Leipzig
Publisher: (C.W. Vollrath)
Publication Date: 1869
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Physical Description

Only edition, octavo, viii, 172 pp. 195:110 mm., wide margins, age staining. A very good copy bound in later boards, rubbed.


Detail Description

Only edition of this book with illustrations on minerology by Joshua Syrkin. The full title of the work is Sheloshah peraḳim mi-yediʻat Maʻarekhet ha-domem o ha-minerologya bi-yiḥusah el ha-misḥar ṿa-ḥaroshet ha-maʻaśeh, that is, it is comprised of three chapters on the word of nature and is concerned with minerology. There is an introduction in German entitled Gruss un die Lesser, followed by a Hebrew intrpduction which begins with a quote “{R. Jose says] Alas for people that they see but know not what they see, they stand but know not on what they stand” (Hagigah 13b) and continuing about man’s desire to know. The text of Maʻarekhet ha-Domem, in three chapters as stated in the subtitle, is concerned with minerology and is accompanied by a small number of charts and illusrations.

Joshua Syrkin (Grigory; 1838–1922) was a Hebrew writer and Zionist, born in Shklov. His family moved to Brest-Litovsk when he was an infant. In 1875 he settled in Panevezys, Lithuania, where he became a close friend of Judah Leib Gordon . He studied at the Moscow Academy of Agriculture and published two scientific works, Devarim Aḥudim mi-Ma'arekhet ha-Domem (1868), and Ma'arekhet ha-Domem (1869), in which he made the first attempt to create a modern Hebrew terminology in the field of mineralogy. During the 1870s he lost interest in Hebrew letters and went to work in Baron Horace Guenzburg 's gold mines in east Siberia. During the 1880s he became a department head of the Libau-Romny railway and settled in Minsk. After J.L. Gordon's death Syrkin edited his works for publication. Syrkin joined the Ḥibbat Zion movement and was among the leaders of the Doreshei Zion society in Minsk. He took part in negotiations with barons Rothschild and Hirsch in 1891–92 and published a pamphlet entitled She'erit Ya'akov (1891), in which he drew up a program to establish a center (Beit Va'ad) to direct Jewish emigration from Russia and settlement in Ereẓ Israel. In 1894 Syrkin traveled to Ereẓ Israel to visit the settlement Ein Zeitim founded by his society. He participated in the first Zionist Congresses. In his book Ḥezyonot Laylah (1903) he advanced his views on the history of the Jewish people and closed with a utopian description of the reborn state of Israel.


Hebrew Description

 שלשה פרקים מידיעת מערכת הדומם

 או המינירלוגיא, ביחוסה אל המסחר וחרושת המעשה. לתועלת סוחרים באבנים יקרות ומחצבים אחרים, צורפים, חרשי אבן ומתכות, ומבקשי בינה ... עם ארבע עשרה תמונות בחרט עץ, מאת יהושע בר"י סירקין. ובראשו הקדמה [בגרמנית] מאת ... יוליוס פירשט ...

שער נוסף באותיות קיריליות:

Marekhes Gadomam, to est kratkoe uchenie o ... mineralov ... populyarno izlozheno ... G. Ya. Syrkinym ...



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