Sekirah, Mordechai (Markus) ben Azriel Gottfried, Vienna 1927 (47919)

סקירה - Only Edition - Inscribed by the Author

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Lot Number: 47919
Title (English): Sekirah
Title (Hebrew): סקירה
Note: Only Edition - Inscribed by the Author
Author: Mordechai (Markus) ben Azriel Gottfried
City: Vienna
Publisher: Lingua Printing
Publication Date: 1927
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Physical Description

Only edition, octavo, 16 pp. 230:145 mm., wide margins, age staining. A good copy bound in the original wrappers.


Detail Description

Rare two-part essay by Mordechai (Markus) ben Azriel Gottfried. A prolific writer, this booklet, Sekirah, subtitled A Review of Judaism and Chassidut, is comprised of 1) Essence of Judaism, Jewish Issues - 2) Tikunim, The Ways of Philosophy of Hasidism.

Mordechai (Markus) ben Azriel Gottfried was born in Ohanov, near Lemberg (Lvov), in Eastern Galicia (now Ukraine), on July 26, 1884. He studied with his father in Lvov and Przemyśl and began to publish his writings and poems in Galicia. He immigrated to Israel in 1936 and moved to Tel Aviv. He published about one hundred and eighty booklets on poets, writers, thinkers and researchers in the past and present, as well as various Jewish studies and memoirs. He died in Tel Aviv on July 24, 1963.


Hebrew Description

  על "היהדות והחסידות". 1) מהות היהדות, עניני היהדות. 2) תקונים, דרכי הפלוסופיה של ה"חסידות", [מאת] מרדכי גוטפריד <"אחד החוזים"> ...

פ’ רושם: ג"ח ... תרפ"ד-ח.


Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000123880; ://