Regulations of the Sephardic Jewish Community, Jerusalem 1920 (47921)

תקנות הסתדרות היהודים הספרדים - Only Edition

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Lot Number: 47921
Title (English): Regulations of the Sephardic Jewish Community
Title (Hebrew): תקנות הסתדרות היהודים הספרדים
Note: Only Edition
Author: Sephardic Jewish Community
City: Jerusalem
Publisher: דפוס לעווי ושותפיו
Publication Date: 1920
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Physical Description

Only edition, duodecimo, 6 pp. 182:106 mm., wide margins, age staining. A good copy bound in wrappers.


Detail Description

Only edition of these regulations of the Sephardic Jewish Community of Jerusalem. The takkanot (rules and enactments) of the community are detailed, comprised of several parts, each with numerated paragraphs. The first part is straightforward, setting the organizational name, that is, Histadrut Kellalim of the Sephardic Jewish Community. Next is the purpose of the Histradut, to improve both the physical and spiritual condition of Sephardic Jewry in Eretz Israel and outside of Israel. To help safeguard and to join them in the service for the benefit of the country and community. The Sephardic community is a part of and works with the equivalent Zionist organizations. There are educational objectives, including Talmud Torah and religious observance, and instruction in Hebrew language. Employment, kibbutzim and working the land are addressed as well as membership in the Histradut. An important and insightful understanding of Jewish life and particularly the organization and insight of the Sephardic community in an early period of the resettlement of Eretz Israel and the growth of the Zionist movement in the early decades of the twentieth century.


Hebrew Description



Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000127421;