Geschichte der Juden, Flavius Josephus, Prague 1826 (47932)

Only Edition of translation

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Lot Number: 47932
Title (English): Geschichte der Juden
Note: Only Edition of translation
Author: Flavius Josephus; Moritz Horschetzky; Moses Israel Landau
City: Prague
Publisher: Moses Israel Landau
Publication Date: 1826
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Physical Description

Only Edition of translation, XX, 203 pp., octavo, 204:125 mm., nice margins, light age staining. A very good copy bound in the original paper title over boards, rubbed.


Detail Description

Title: Geschichte der Juden seit dem rückzuge aus der babylonischen gefangenschaft, bis zur schlacht bei Aza in welcher Judas der Maccabäer fiel. : Enthält das XI. und XII. buch der Jüdischen antiquitäten des Flavius Josephus. übers. und durch anmerkungen erläutert von dr. M. Horschetzky. Mit einer vorrede von M. I. Landau.

Flavius Josephus (b. 37/8 A.D.), a Jewish priest and Pharisee, was put in command of the Jewish resistance in Galilee at the time of revolt against Rome, but was captured at Jotapata; his life was spared when he predicted that Vespasian would become emperor. His works are an indispensable source on first century Jewish life and history: the Jewish Antiquities explaining to the Romans the history of the Jews from Creation to the revolt of A.D.66, the Jewish Wars explaining the history of the wars from the Maccabean revolt to 66 A.D. to the Mesopotamian Jews, and the Contra Apion defending Judaism against the misstatements of anti-Semitic writers from the third century B.C. to Apion.

German translation by Moritz Horschetzky, Austrian physician and writer; born at Bydzov, Bohemia, in 1788; died Nov. 7, 1859, at Nagy-Kanizsa, Hungary, where he had been practising medicine since 1811. As a writer he devoted himself chiefly to the works of Josephus, whose "Antiquities" he translated and in part annotated (1826, 1843, 1851). Horschetzky possessed remarkable humor, which appears in his fictitious "Reiseberichte Nathan Ghazzati's" (in "Orient, Lit." 1848). This work Julius Fürst took to be a translation from the Hebrew.

Introduction by Moses Israel Landau (1788–1852), printer, publisher, and lexicographer. Born in Prague, grandson of R. Ezekiel Landau, Moses was imbued with the traditional atmosphere of his rabbinical family. At the same time, he devoted himself to secular studies, especially German literature. He established a Hebrew printing press in Prague, which, for more than two decades, published sacred literature along with some contemporary Hebrew works, including several volumes of the scholarly periodical Kerem Hemed. From 1831 until his death he was head of the Prague Jewish community and was instrumental in bringing Solomon Judah Rapoport there to serve as rabbi. From 1849 he served on the Prague municipal council. His other works are Pitron ha-Millot (Prague, 1827), which deals with the difficult terms found in the Torah; an edition of the Hebrew Bible, with a German translation and a Hebrew commentary on several books (1834–38); a German translation of the mahzor with a Hebrew commentary; the kinot for the Ninth of Av; the Passover Haggadah; and Marpe Lashon (Odessa, 1865), a collection of the foreign words in Rashi's commentary on the Bible and the Talmud.


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JE; Fürst, Bibl. Jud. i. 408.