Letter & Wedding Invitation by Reb Itzikel Gewircman of Pshevorsk, Antwerp 1959 (47944)

הזמנה ומכתב מה"ר משה יצחק געווירצמאן האדמו"ר מפשעווארסק - Manuscript - Hasidic

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Lot Number: 47944
Title (English): Letter & Wedding Invitation by Reb Itzikel Gewircman of Pshevorsk
Title (Hebrew): הזמנה ומכתב מה"ר משה יצחק געווירצמאן האדמו"ר מפשעווארסק
Note: Manuscript - Hasidic
City: Antwerp
Publication Date: 1959
Estimated Price: $3,000.00 USD - $5,000.00 USD
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Physical Description:

[2] pp., 208:128 mm., ink on printed paper invitation, ,creased and taped on folds, light age staining, Ashkenmazic script, all in the Rebbe's hand, signed and dated.


Detailed Description:   

Letter & wedding Invitation to his grandson's wedding by R.  Moses Isaac b. Naphtali Elimelekh Gewircman (Reb Itzikel ; 1882-1977), Admor of Prze­worsk. He was born in Prze­worsk, near Gorlice, and was popularly known as R. Itzikel or the rabbi of Prz­eworsk. He was a descendant of R. Elim­elekh of Lejansk. When R. Abraham Hayyim of Plantsh (father-in-law of R. Joel of Sat­mar) saw R. Itzikel in Sianiawa, he stated that "the Shekhinah accompanies this young man." He was a disciple of R. Moses Apter of Tarnov and of R. Simhah Issachar Baer of Cieszanov (d. 1914) and R. Honah Hal­berstam of Kalaszyce. He was also a fol­lower of R. Yoel Teitelbaum of Satmar, to whose anti-Zionist ideology he subscribed. In Nisan 1899 he married Rachel, the daugh­ter of R. Yissachar Dov HaKohen Glantz of Sianiawa, known as R. Berele Glantz. Dur­ing World War One, when Sianiawa was ravaged, he lived in Przeworsk near Lvov, where he prayed in the Bet HaMidrash of the hasidim of Cieszanov and became rebbe there.,p> During the Second World War he stayed for seven months in Holitch, and then in Talamenko in Siberia. He was bereaved of his only son, Joseph Hayyim, and two daughters, Miriam Hannah and Beilah. After the war he returned for a while to Poland, living in Breslau and Cracow, and then moved to Paris in 1949, where he stayed until 20 Adar 1957, when, on the advice of the rabbi of Belz, he moved to Antwerp and established a Bet HaMidrash at Mercator Street 56. He became the undisputed rebbe of postwar Europe with many people throng­ing to him for advice and practical assis­tance. He was known as a "heiliger Yid," a holy Jew. He was buried in the Mahzikei Hadat cem­etery in Holland.


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Enc. Has.