Manuscript by R. Yaakov Chaim Sofer, Jerusalem Early 20th Cent. (48233)

כתב מה"ר יעקב חיים סופר בעמ"ס כף החיים - Manuscript

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Lot Number: 48233
Title (English): Manuscript by R. Yaakov Chaim Sofer
Title (Hebrew): כתב מה"ר יעקב חיים סופר בעמ"ס כף החיים
Note: Manuscript
City: Jerusalem
Publication Date: Early 20th century
Estimated Price: $500.00 USD - $1,000.00 USD
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Physical Description

[3] pp., 205:130 mm., light age staining, ink on lined paper, not dated.


Detail Description

Homile by R. Yaakov Chaim Sofer (1870-1939) rabbi, Kabbalist, Talmudist and posek, author of Kaf Hachaim, a work of halakha, by which title he is also known. R. Sofer was born in Baghdad, where he studied under Sephardi sages such as the Ben Ish Chai and R. Abdallah Somech. In 1904, he journeyed to Erez Israel in order to pray at the graves of tzadikim. After visiting Jerusalem, he decided to settle there permanently. He studied in the Bet El yeshiva in the Old City of Jerusalem, well known for the study of kabbalah. In 1909 he moved to the newly founded Shoshanim leDavid yeshiva. It was here that he composed his works.

R. Sofer authored several works of halakha and aggadah. His books are known for discussing the original traditions of Iraqi Jews and are studied to this day. R. Chaim was well known for his role in working on behalf of Torah education in Jerusalem. His great grandson founded two yeshivot in his memory, Kaf Hachaim and Torat Yaakov.



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