Tela ignea Satanae, Johann Christoph Wagenseil, ed., Altdorf 1681 (48353)

ויכוח הרמב"ן; חזוק אמונה; תולדות ישי; ועוד - First Editions

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Lot Number: 48353
Title (English): Tela ignea Satanae
Title (Hebrew): ויכוח הרמב"ן; חזוק אמונה; תולדות ישי; ועוד
Note: First Editions - Disputation of Barcelona
Author: Johann Christoph Wagenseil, editor and translator
City: Altdorf
Publication Date: 1681
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Physical Description

Firt editions, 60 p., [1] f., 480, 26 [i.e. 28] p., p. 3 - 45 [i.e. 49], 100 p., [1] f., quarto, 205:153 mm., wide margins, light age and damp staining. A good copy bound in modern half leather and contemporary boards, ribbed.

Second half of the larger work Tela ignea Satanae.


Detail Description

First edition of Disputation of Barcelona (July 20–24, 1263) was a formal ordered medieval debate between representatives of Christianity and Judaism regarding whether or not Jesus was the Messiah. It was held at the royal palace of King James I of Aragon in the presence of the King, his court, and many prominent ecclesiastical dignitaries and knights, between Dominican Friar Pablo Christiani, a convert from Judaism to Christianity, and Nachmanides (R. Moshe Ben Nachman; Ramban), a leading medieval Jewish scholar, philosopher, physician, kabbalist, and biblical commentator.
Johann Christoph Wagenseil (1633–1705), Christian Hebraist. While professor at the University of Altdorf he published a series of writings on Judaism and the Jews whose missionary intention is manifest. His most important work was Tela ignea Satanae, Hoc est: arcani, et horribles Judaeorum adversus Christum Deum et Christianam religionem libri ("Flaming Arrows of Satan; that is, the secret and horrible books of the Jews against Christ, God, and the Christian religion"; Altdorf, 1681), a collection of works written by Jews for use in Jewish-Christian disputations and controversies. Wagenseil published these for the first time, with a Latin translation and his own introduction, with the intention of making Christians aware of the Jewish objections to Christianity and thus to refute them. Since this compilation of Jewish polemical writings made Jewish criticism of Christianity widely known, it was used in anti-Jewish propaganda, but these same criticisms were also employed by some opponents of religious fanaticism, such as Voltaire and the Encyclopedists. Later, in Denunciatio christiana de blasphemiis Judaeorum in Jesum Christum (Altdorf, 1703), Wagenseil appealed to the Protestant rulers to prevent the Jews from blaspheming Christianity and to try to convert them (though without persecutions and forcible means, to which he was opposed). A varied collection of essays on Jewish matters, Benachrichtigungen wegen einiger die gemeine Juedischheit betref fenden Sachen (Leipzig, 1705), included a missionary essay and a work against the blood libel. Earlier in his life Wagenseil published Latin translations of the mishnaic tractate Sotah (Altdorf, 1675). In his determination to understand Judaism in all its ramifications, Wagenseil learned Yiddish and studied its literature. His collection, Belehrung der juedisch-teutschen Red-und Schreibart (Koenigsberg, 1699), includes Passover songs in Yiddish, the Megillat Vinz of Elhanan b. Abraham Hellen (describing the Fettmilch uprising in Frankfort), a Yiddish version of the Arthurian legend, and a Yiddish version of Hilkhot Derekh Erez Rabbah ve-Zuta. Wagenseil was on friendly terms with some Jews and an interesting correspondence with his teachers has survived. Considered the father of Scandinavian Hebrew studies, he trained a group of Hebrew scholars who were interested in acquiring information on Judaism, such as J. J. Schudt.
Full Title found in the initial part of the work - Tela Ignea Satanae. Hoc est: Arcani, & horribiles Judaeorum adversus Christum Deum, & Christianam Religionem Libri Anekdotoi : Sunt vero: R. Lipmanni Carmen Memoriale. Liber Nizzachon Vetus Autoris Incogniti. Acta Disputationis R. Jechielis Cum Quodam Nicolao. Acta Disputationis R. Mosis Nachmanidis Cum Fratre Paulo Christiani, Et Fratre Raymundo Martini. R. Isaaci Liber Chissuk Emuna. Libellus Toldos Jeschu / Joh. Christophorus Wagenseilius ex Europae Africaeq[ue] latebris erutos, in lucem protrusit ... ; Additae sunt Latinae Interpretationes, Et Duplex Confutatio ... Accedit Mantissa De LXX. Hebdomadibus Danielis. Adversus V. C. Johannis Marshami Equitis Aurati Angli novam & incommodam earundem explicationem...

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