Sefer ha-Shorashim, R. David Kimhi (Redak), Venice 1546 (48356)

ספר השרשים

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Lot Number: 48356
Title (English): Sefer ha-Shorashim
Title (Hebrew): ספר השרשים
Author: R. David Kimhi (Redak)
City: Venice
Publisher: Daniel Bomberg
Publication Date: 1546
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Physical Description

143, [1 facsimile] ff., small folio, 286:205 mm., nice margins, age and damp staining, some foxing, final in facsimile, minor worming affecting letters, loose in contemporary vellum over boards.


Detail Description

Redak's first work, this being part two of his philological treatise, the Mikhlol, written in two sections; the grammatical portion (Helek ha-Dikduk) which itself came to be known as the Mikhlol (Constantinople, 1532), and the lexicon (Helek ha-Inyan) known independently as the Sefer ha-Shorashim (before 1480).
R. David Kimhi (known as Radak from the acronym of R abbi D avid K imhi; 1160?–1235?), grammarian and exegete of Narbonne, Provence. The son of R. Joseph Kimhi and brother and pupil of R. R. Moses Kimhi, R. David was a teacher in his native town and was active in public causes. He is known to have participated in the judgment (between 1205 and 1218) of several contentious persons from Barcelona who dishonored the memory of Rashi. During the Maimonidean controversy of 1232, he undertook a journey to Toledo to gain the support of Judah ibn Alfakhar for the Maimonideans. He was prevented from reaching his destination because of illness but his strong defense of Maimonides and the latter's followers together with Ibn Alfakhar's critique of Kimhi have been preserved in the correspondence between them (in Kovez Teshuvot ha-Rambam, Leipzig, 1859, pt. 3). In Jewish circles, the phrase "If there is no flour [kemah, etymon of Kimhi], there is no Torah" (Avot 3:17) was applied to him.


Hebrew Description

בשער: בשנת ה'ר'ש'"ו' [!]. קולופון: בחדש אדר בשנת הש"ו [לפ"ג]. נדפס דף על דף על-פי ויניציאה רפ"ט, כולל גם הספירה: [2] עמ', ה-תקע עמודות, [2] עמ', בשינוי בדברי ר' ישעיה פרנס: "להפקת רצון... קורנילייו בכ"ר ברוך אדיל קינד", ובתוספת בסופם: "אלה דברי קורינילייו... הגם נפטר... ר' ישעיה ברומי הרי ז [צ"ל: יז] שנים, לא יגרע שם נחלתו וזכרו... אשר יגע... בהגהת השרשים הזה". על הגליון הוסיף המדפיס פעמים הרבה תיבת "נימוק" ליד נימוקיו של המחבר. בערך "עלם" נשמטו התיבות: "כנגד הנוצרים" ומקומן נשאר חלק. בשיר: "עלזו בכל לבב" נשמטה שורה שבה הרמ"ז לפרט השנה.


Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #0164650; EJ; Aresheth, 2 (1960), 35–95