Protokoll, Manheim 1927 (48361)

German Anti Sheitah Laws – Manuscript

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Lot Number: 48361
Title (English): Protokoll, Manheim 1927
Note: German Anti Sheitah Laws – Manuscript
City: Manheim
Publication Date: 1927
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Physical Description

[5] pp., 333:210 mm., typewritten on paper, signed by R. Oppenheim in ink, sign-in sheet of all attendees in pencil, age staining. Five smaller pages with notes.

The sign in sheet contains the names of the leading Orthodox rabbis of Germany, signed in pencil.


Detail Description

Resolution of a meeting held on 2 January, 1927, presided by R. Dr. Oppenheim of Manheim, to asses and decide how to proceed with the anti-Semitic anti- ritual slaughter laws of the German government. In Europe of the interwar years, restrictions were imposed on ritual slaughter, by various anti-Semitic organizations acting under the guise of prevention of cruelty to animals.

One of the rabbis who was very active in the battle against the Kosher slaughter ban was R. Chaim Ozer Grodzinski of Vilna, who dispatched letters on the topic to many European rabbis, and did his utmost to forestall the ban.


Hebrew Description