To'aliyyot ha-Ra-LBa-G, Rav Levi b. Gershom, Riva di Trento 1560 (48366)

תועליות הרלב"ג - First Edition

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Lot Number: 48366
Title (English): To'aliyyot ha-Ra-LBa-G
Title (Hebrew): תועליות הרלב"ג
Note: First Edition
Author: Rav Levi b. Gershom
City: Riva di Trento
Publisher: (Jacob Marcaria)
Publication Date: 1560
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Physical Description

First edition. 40; 27 ff., quarto, 200:140 mm., light age and damp staining. lower title margin extended, expert paper repairs. A good copy bound in modern  leather over boards.


Detail Description

Extracts from each book of the Bible, the ethical, philosophical, and religious teachings that may be gleaned from the text by R. Levi b. Gershom (1288–1344; acronym: Ra-LBa-G; also called Maestre Leo de Bagnols; Magister Leo Hebraeus; Gersonides), mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and biblical commentator, born probably at Bagnols-sur-CIze (Languedoc - now departement du Gard, France). He lived primarily in Orange and briefly at Avignon. Little is known about his life. Ra-LBa-G had very broad intellectual interests and contributed to many areas of human learning.
The Hebrew printing press in Riva, which was active between 1558 and 1562 and produced about 35 titles. The press owed its success to the cooperation of three men: Cardinal Cristoforo Madruzzo, bishop of Trent, who had jurisdiction over the town and whose coat-of-arms appears on many of the Riva publications; R. Joseph b. Nathan Ottolenghi, rabbi and rosh yeshiva at Cremona; and Jacob Marcaria, dayyan and physician, also of Cremona, who was the printer and contributed learned prefaces to his productions.

Hebrew Description    

... על התורה ונביאים [ראשונים], (לבאר התועלות המגיעות מהמצות). נדפס על יד... ר' יוסף אוטלינג י"ץ תחת ממשלת האדון החשמן קרישטופל מאדרוץ...
מעבר לשער הקדמת הרופא יעקב מרקריאה: "וכראות... ר' יוסף אוטלינג י"ץ מעלת החבור... צוה להדפיסו, ותכן במדה הפסוק אשר ממנו תצא תורה". ה"תועליות" נלקחו מפירושו של רלב"ג על התורה ועל נביאים ראשונים.


Bibliography of the Hebrew Book 1470-1960 #000174677