Yad Haruzim, R. Gershom ben Moses Hefez (Gentili), Venice 1740 (48372)

יד חרוזים - Liturgy

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Lot Number: 48372
Title (English): Yad Haruzim
Title (Hebrew): יד חרוזים
Note: Liturgy
Author: R. Gershom ben Moses Hefez (Gentili)
City: Venice
Publisher: Vendramin
Publication Date: 1740
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Physical Description
Second edition, revised with notes. [1], 71 ff., octavo, 170:122 mm., light age and damp staining, wide margins, heavy paper. A very good copy bound in contemporary boards, rubbed.

Detailed Description   
Hebrew rhyme-lexicon by R. Gershom ben Moses Hefez (Gentili). The first paragraph of the title page informs, in rhymed sentences, the subject matter of the book. The final paragraph notes that this edition was brought to press by Meir da Zara, who added considerable material omitted from the first edition and that the editor was Simhah Calimani. There is an introduction from Gershom in which he discusses the 12 rules for Hebrew usage in poetry and rhyme scheme. The text of Yad Haruzim, in two columns, is comprised of examples organized by letter and vowels.

R. Gershom ben Moses Hefez (Gentili, 1683–1700) died an untimely death at the age of 17. At the time of his death Gershom was already recognized as a scholar of considerable accomplishment and his work was widely praised. Yad Haruzim was published by his father, R. Moses ben Gershom (1663–1711), who was a pupil of R. Solomon ben Isaac Nizza and the author of Hanukkat ha-Bayit (Venice, 1696) and Melekhet Mahashevet (Venice, 1710).


Hebrew Description  

... ועתה הביאו לדפוס שנית כמה"ר מאיר דא זארא, ונתוספו בו דברים רבים שנשמטו בחרוזים ממעלת המחבר ז"ל ומקום הניח להתגדר בו למעלת המגיה... שמחה קאלימאני ...

ר' שמחה קאלימאני ערך את החיבור ושילב בו השלמות משלו.



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