Mevasser Zedek, R. Issachar Dov Baer b. Aryeh Leib, Lemberg 1850 (48392)

מבשר צדק - Women - Kabbalah - Hasidic

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Lot Number: 48392
Title (English): Mevasser Zedek
Title (Hebrew): מבשר צדק
Note: Women - Kabbalah - Hasidic
Author: R. Issachar Dov Baer b. Aryeh Leib
City: Lvov
Publisher: Feige Grohsman
Publication Date: 1850
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Physical Description:

42 ff., quarto, 230:190 mm., wide margins, usual age staining. A good copy bound in later boards.


Detailed Description:   

Mevasser Zedek - Classic work of Hassidut on the weekly Torah readings by R. Issacher Dov Baer ben Aryeh Leib of Zloczow. Mevasser Ẓedek was first published with R. Issacher Dov Baer’s Bat Eyni (Dubno, 1798). This is the first edition of Mevasser Ẓedek as an independent standalone work. There is an introduction from R. Gershon Margolious, son-in-law of R. Issacher Dov Baer. The text is written in the ḥasidic manner and contains the teachings of major Hasidic leaders such as R. Levi Isaac of Berdichev, R. Jehiel Michael of Zloczow, and others.

R. Issachar Dov Baer ben Aryeh Leib of Zloczow (d. c. 1810) was a rabbi and hasidic zaddik, a grandson of R. Naphtali ben Isaac ha-Kohen of Frankfurt, author of Semi-khat Ḥakhamim (Frankfurt, 1704). Rabbi in Zloczow, he was a noted rabbinical scholar who wrote novellae on the Torah and responsa, Bat Eyni (Dubno, 1798), in which he discussed halakhic questions with the great scholars of his generation, including R. Hayyim ha-Kohen Rapoport of Lvov and R. Zevi Hirsch of Zamosc. R. Issachar was also one of the outstanding disciples of the ḥasidic leader R. Dov Baer the Maggid of Mezhirech. Toward the end of his life Issachar settled in Ereẓ Israel and died in Safed. His son-in-law Abraham Ḥayyim of Zloczow succeeded him.

Hebrew Description:   

מבשר צדק... ועתה יצא לאור על ידי... מהו’ משה צבי בן מוה’ גדלי’ שרייבר ...

עם הקדמת ר’ גרשון מרגליות מן ההוצאה הראשונה.



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