Pat Lehem, R. Elisha (Mercado) Habillo, Livorno 1794 (48410)

פת לחם - Only Edition - Liturgy - Kabbalah

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Lot Number: 48410
Title (English): Pat Lehem
Title (Hebrew): פת לחם
Note: Only Edition - Liturgy - Kabbalah
Author: R. Elisha (Mercado) Habillo
City: Livorno
Publisher: Jacob Nunes Vais & Raphael Meldola
Publication Date: 1794
Estimated Price: $300.00 USD - $600.00 USD
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Physical Description

Only edition. [3], 77 (should say 73) ff., octavo, 186:114 mm., usual light age and damp staining, wide margins, old hands and stamp. A very good copy bound in contemporary quarter leather and marbled paper over boards, rubbed.


Detail Description

Important halakhic work on the laws and moral values relating to Birkhat ha-Mazon (grace after meals); other blessings to be recited, for example, when seeing a talmudic sage or a person with unusual features; Keriat ha-Torah (Torah reading); and keriat Shema al ha-mittah (Shema before retiring) by R. Elisha Habilio. On the verso of the title page are approbations from the rabbis of Lovorno. There is an introduction from R. Habillo in which most paragraphs begin with the word Emet and conclude with Shalom. In addition to the halakhic text there is also a commentary on Birkhat ha-Mazon.

R. Elisha (Mercado) Habillo (1719–1792), rabbi of Sarajevo. R. Habillo studied under R. David Pardo, author of Shoshannim le-David. He wrote Avodat ha-Tamid (Sarajevo, 1788), a commentary on the Sephardi liturgy for the whole year, together with the order of service for weekdays, with brief laws and explanations. In this work the author at times cites the explanations of Nehemiah Hayon, only to dissociate himself from them at the end. He published his teacher's book of prayers for festivals, Shifat Revivim (Leghorn, 1787), including in the original his elegy on the ill-treatment by the Turks of the Sarajevo Jews who fled from the Austrians, and added a number of his poems. R. Habillo also wrote a commentary and Ladino translation on the Passover Haggadah.


Hebrew Description

... במוסר ודינים... על כל דיני ברכת המזון... וכן פירוש כל הברכות... מעשה ידי... ר' אלישע חאבילייו נר"ו... אשר יגע... לאסוף ולקבץ דברי חכמים... יחדיו...

הסכמות רבני ליוורנו: ר' אליהו ב"ר משה הכהן, ר' יצחק חיים פרוסולוני ור' יצחק ב"ר יהודה קורייאט, שלהי אדר-ב תקנ"ד.



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